Pornagrapy and Me  

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11/21/2005 8:39 pm

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Pornagrapy and Me

I began to experience what I would now call lustful feelings long before I knew what to do with them. I remember having such feeling for my fifth grade teacher at age 10. About the same time I became aware of the girls in my class. I am the fourth of four sons, at home there was one woman, my mother.

At the age of 13 I found my eldest brother's stash of porn. It was a huge box of mags and books. Even though they where exciting, I really did not understand the photographs at that time. So I picked out a book from the bottom of the pile.

I doubt any of you remember a time when such books where the main stay of porn. Cheap paperback books that had yellowed pages even before you bought them. Lurid covers with drawings of of big tits and hard dicks, giving hints of what the words between the covers might reveal.

The first book I took from my brother's stash was a incest book. There was a son about my age and he held my interested. A older daughter appeared as the father adopted her from a previous marriage. As you might imagine the boy who is just now getting hard ons is exposed to a fully sexually functional 17 year girl.

After some interaction, the girl gives the young boy some advice about masturbation. Advice which I followed to the letter. As I recall for me it was a adventure. Late at night with my brothers asleep in beds not to far from mine. I had made a little tent with my boner. I then enhanced that tent by bending my knees and bringing my legs up. Gaining full access to my hard cock I used two fingers to "Box" it back and forth. I kid you not. One finger swatted the head of my cock "too" and the other finger swatter the head of my cock "For"....I do not recommend this technique to anyone. I did cum, my first cum...but, there was no cum. It was a dry heaves orgasm. I had no cum in my balls. The first time was a mixture of surprise, pain, and pleasure.

With time and experiment I did find much more pleasant way to make my cock cum and my balls did fill with cum and I did enjoy the pleasure of cumming. For much too long my only partner in sex was porn. She is still my most fateful partner. I can always turn to her now rather much more often than risk a new sex partner.

I know that porn and my hand and my toys will always be available. Ready to use for my pleasure. Finding sex partners is so hard. I have for the most part let them find me. I know that porn is not real sex. I in fact prefer real sex with a real lady. But, she is so hard to find.

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