Golden Locks joins AFF  

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12/12/2005 7:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Golden Locks joins AFF

Golden Locks was searching the web one day. Depressed because of loneliness and horniness the search lead to sites where sexual relive and companionship could be found. The AdultFriendFinder "Look at Us" page came across the screen and, Golden Locks took the free see who is available in your area search.

"O' my god. There are a dozen or more people right here in town with pictures and they all look very hot. I would like to get to known most of these people well en ought to fuck".

So Golden Locks joined up and right away went gold because being able to write to everyone and seeing everyones profile is the best way to go. So, the search began for that perfect partner.

"This profile is too old", Golden would say.
"This profile is too young", Golden said again.
"This profile is just perfect but, I am too something for them".
"Wait a second this is a perfect match for us both...O' heck I have already written them twice".

So Golden Locks continue to work on the personal profile and write on the blog and post at a group or few. And, one day contact was made.

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