The Spider In The BackYard: Falling Hard  

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The Spider In The BackYard: Falling Hard

She acted surprised, looked up at me, smiled, and said ‘thank you’. I nodded my head at her and walked away not really knowing what to think. I took my all too familiar seat to begin calling the numbers. I loved calling bingo because everyone’s attention was on me. Of course that wasn’t so important as having Maria’s attention, that was all that mattered to me.

As the evening progresses every time I would sweep the ball over to her direction she would always be looking at me smiling. I would smile back at her and glance away like a shy little school boy. Then halftime came. I got down off of my chair and walked over to where she was. I stood across the table from where she was. She thanked me and said that was very sweet of me to think of her on her birthday. I replied ‘no problem at all, it was my pleasure’. She then said ‘You know there’s something missing from this card’. I looked at her puzzled as to what was missing and asked what it was. She replied ‘Your phone number’. Deep down inside I couldn’t believe she was asking me for my phone number. My heart raced and my temperature rose. She handed the card to me, I got my pen out and wrote my number inside the card. She said ‘it will be safe with me’. As I walked away I trembled with uncertainty and excitement.

As the remainder of the evening went by there were plenty of smiles and winks. Within myself I really didn’t know what kind of things were to come between her and I in the future. As I called the last number of the evening and someone cried out ‘Bingo!’ everyone began to file out of the building. I looked for her as I always would. She would always walk by where I sat on her way out, nod at me and give me a wink as I would watch her walk out the door. I spotted her in the crowd filing by me. She nodded and winked at me, and I returned the gesture. I kept watching her as she made her way to the exit. Then suddenly she turned around and glanced at me in this sexy way. She then nodded her head toward the door and smiled. A warmth came over me. What did she mean?, I thought to myself. I hurried up putting the balls away and began walking toward the exit all the while not knowing what to expect.

I walked outside and scanned the parking lot for her. Then in the distance I saw her car and she flashed her headlights at me. I walked toward her car frightened but at the same time wanting. As I walked up to her car she rolled down her window and asked ‘where are you parked?’. I pointed over in the direction of where I was parked and replied. ‘Over there behind that building’. She said ‘Ok, I will meet you over there’. I began walking toward my car with a million thoughts whirling through my head wondering what was going to happen next and what should I do.

I got to my car and unlocked the door and here she came. I couldn’t believe that after all this time here she was and I was finally going to be alone with her. I unlocked the passenger side door as she came around the side. My heart began to race. She opened the door and got inside. For the first few minutes which seemed like eternity to me I was utterly speechless. How I had wanted to be alone with her for the longest time and now that she was I didn’t know what to do or say. One part of me wanted to grab her, hold her tight, and kiss her like she has never been kissed before. The other part was scared and knew that she was married and it was a terrible immoral thing to do. She finally spoke up and said ‘So, here we are’. I agreed saying ‘yes we are’. I sat there not knowing what else to say. She asked me what was wrong. ‘Nothing, I just do not know what to say’. I thought to myself that sounded pretty dumb. She said ‘oh come on, what are you thinking?’. I finally broke and replied ‘You know Maria, I’ve always found you to be very attractive but,..’. ‘But what?’ she asked. My heart was pounding and my nerves twitching. ‘But you are married and I do not know what to do’ I sighed. She replied ‘listen, I do not love my husband. I married him and wished that I would have not’. I sat there trying to gather my thoughts. She finally said ‘come on hurry up, I cannot stay very long, I have got to go. He will be waiting for me’. ‘You know’, I said, ‘I would love to kiss you but,..’. ‘But what?’ she replied. ‘But it seems like there is this invisible line here between you and I that I cannot cross’ I said. She replied ‘Well I do not see any invisible line, it is not stopping me’. Then without me thinking I leaned over toward her and at the same time she grew nearer to me. Our lips touched for the first time and I kissed her like I had never kissed a woman before. She felt so soft. She kissed me so passionately, and would bite and suck my bottom lip into her mouth. All I could think of is how I liked this very much. After we stopped she said thank you, that she had to go and would see me again soon.

As I watched her get into her car I sat there thinking to myself what just happened and if it actually did happen. Heaven and hell descended upon me that evening. I was smitten and had fallen hard in one instant in time.

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