Never Seen Anything Like It  

Wickedcurve 53M
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6/9/2006 6:42 pm

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Never Seen Anything Like It

I had just walked outside to my car to get something when I noticed something in the trees. I looked closer. There were two of them. As I walked up to the tree I realized what I was looking at was two black squirrels! When I say black I mean they were black as coal! I came back into my place to get my camera. I was able to take a pic of them before they ran up the tree.

I've never in my entire life seen a squirrel that's black. Around home back in Missouri I see squirrels all the time but they're a brownish gray color. Anyway I've attached a pic.

Eros40 52F

6/9/2006 7:36 pm

Maryville, Ks. - home of black squirrels!...they are all over the place!..........E.

Wickedcurve replies on 6/9/2006 7:50 pm:
Thanks for your comment. I've just never seen one before. I am in Omaha, Nebraska.

bikerbabe57701 49F

6/10/2006 9:12 pm

I've never seen a black squirrel you have one on me....but have you seen a white buffalo??

Wickedcurve replies on 6/11/2006 3:48 am:
I am not for cetain. I may've seen one in a zoo I believe.

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