Imitating Hollywood  

Wickedcurve 53M
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6/22/2006 3:48 am

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6/23/2006 3:29 am

Imitating Hollywood

The other day I was thinking of how Hollywood produces fictional movies that seem to later on in the future become fact or at least similar. Let me give you an example, I was thinking of the movie ‘Planet Of The Apes’. It was produced back in 1968. The movie starred Charlton Heston and his character was a man named George Taylor. If you recall the movie, it was based way into the future compared to the time the movie was made. There was a line he said in the movie that seems to be very current in today’s world. The quote is as follows:

“Imagine me needing someone. Back on Earth I never did. Oh, there were women. Lots of women. Lots of love-making but no love. You see, that was the kind of world we'd made. So I left, because there was no one to hold me there.”

Tell me your thoughts on the quote and what it means to you.

countryheart_71 45F
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6/22/2006 4:43 am

To me, it means that too many people go through life with their feelings unattached. Just going through the motions. Sometimes I wish that I could do that. Especially now.


bikerbabe57701 49F

6/22/2006 8:25 am

I think a lot of people still go through life like that.....think about it....

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