Council Bluffs, Iowa: Day 19  

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6/18/2006 5:57 pm

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Council Bluffs, Iowa: Day 19

Well it has been a few days since I last wrote a post. I've been a little busy. Friday at work was a little hectic for me. I got pretty irritated with a member of our crew. His name is Randy. Everyone in our crew gives him crap for this and that. Sometimes to his face sometimes behind his back. He's the type of person that will throw a wrench into any situation and make it more difficult than it needs to be for not only himself but for those around him as well. I am sure everyone knows a Randy.

Anyway Curtis, another member of our crew, sent me to go help Randy go find and bring back these heavy duty carts so we could put a burner that weighs about 5 tons on them so we could roll it into position. After looking around for these carts we finally found two one floor above we were working. On this floor there are no elevators and I wondered to myself how we were going to get these carts down to our floor. Now like I said these carts are heavy duty. One cart has six wheels on it and has a 1" steel plate for the top. Both carts had a rope on them about 2' long and we pulled them along with us. It's too heavy for one person to carry but two could manage so I thought Randy and I would carry one of them at a time down one flight of stairs and then come back to get the other one. Well do you think that happened? No.

As we got to the stairs I noticed Randy stopped right before the beginning of the stairs and started to pull the cart down the stairs! I yelled at him and said I wouldn't do it that way. That cart was bouncing from side to side in a very erratic fashion and could've easily bounced too far over off to one side or the other and it would've have went over a 100' straight down to the ground where people were working. It sure didn't look safe to me. As I watched him doing this I thought what a jackass he was. So I sat there and waited for another boilermaker to come by and I was going to ask them if they would help me carry it down the stairs. Before that happened here came Randy bounding up the stairs. He asked me what the hell I was doing. I told him I was waiting for someone to help me with this. He asked me why and if I was scared in a condescending way. He grabbed to rope out of my hand and proceeded to to do the same thing again. He left me there shaking my head in disgust. At this time I was pretty heated up. I followed him to out work area and as we got there I walked up to him, looked him in the eye and told him to never talk down to me and that he knew that was unsafe as hell and I sure as hell was not going to be unsafe! This was in the morning. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

After work just as I got onto the highway Scott (refer to Council Bluffs, Iowa: Day 10 and 11) called and said that his wife wanted to know if I wanted to come eat dinner with them. I told Scott that it would take me a good 20-25 minutes to get home and I would call him back when I got there. Then as I was just turning off the highway to my place his wife Kim called. She asked me if I was coming or not so she would know to cook for 2 or 3 people. I told her that I would come over but I wouldn't be there until 730pm or so and it was 630pm at this time. She said ok. Well I had to get moving because it would take about 20 minutes just to get to their place. They live almost by where we work, I took a quick shower and headed over there. I arrived at about 735pm. She served pot roast, red potatoes, corn on the cob, and dinner rolls (mmmmmmmm). It was a good evening. We talked and laughed about things in the past and what's happening currently. Scott and I go way back. I departed about 1000pm and headed back home. I got home around 1030pm and went straight to bed.

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