An Email I Received Here  

Wickedcurve 53M
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6/27/2006 7:38 pm
An Email I Received Here

I will not mention any names because I will keep her anonymous. She emailed me and made this comment regarding my I Am Still Continually Amazed post. It reads like this:

good evening!
I have not viewed my profile for some time, although I do log on to check mail nearly every day. I see that you're in my network. So I decided to have a look. Wow! Nicely written profile, great looking and totally sexy body!....just had to comment. If you're not getting any sincere responses, there's something wrong with the female pool in your area. I, too, when I was looking and meeting, got tons of emails every day. However, I never ignored any of them. Even if my response was, "no thanks", which it often was, I think it's totally rude to just ignore someone's note.....that's all......cheers!

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