How to make love to a woman. . .  

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How to make love to a woman. . .

A guide for the younger man: How to make love to a woman.

Assumptions: (I assume that...)
1- You have a woman to make love with.
2- You are under the age of 25. (See Appendix)
3- You are not in a stairwell, a public restroom, elevator, airplane bathroom, or other area where only quickies are possible.
4- You know how to have sex with a woman, just not how to make love to her.
5- You are not holding a flash light and reading this guide off of the headboard or night stand while with your woman.
6- You and your lady are both naked. No bras, panties, stockings, or corsets in this guide (That's for another volume entirely!).
7- You are both clean showered / bathed as recently as that morning, if not a few minutes ago.
8- You follow your own judgement on practicing safe sex.

When I was a much younger man I had the pleasure of having a delicious older woman that I had sex with on a frequently basis. I was under the assumption that because I could keep it up all night and make her cum from sunset to sunrise that I was good at what I was doing. That illusion was shattered one night when she asked me to just stop going thru the motions and to make love to her. Naturally I was shocked, for I had been under the impression that I had been making love to her.
Her reply was, "Honey, anybody can fuck. I want you to make love to me."

So with that in mind, let's get to the guide, shall we?

Step 1: Make her feel like she is beautiful.
If assumption six is true, she's laying there on the bed naked before you. I do not care how beautiful you think she thinks that she is, or that you think she is. You have to let her know that she is beautiful. While you are standing there drooling at her luscious breasts and the curve of her thighs, she is thinking, "Oh god, is he staring at that mole on my stomach?"

I'm not entirely sure if it's because of social media, magazines and TV commercials, but the women of today are under a lot of stress to look "picture perfect". At this stage just kneel down next to her, gently caress her face with your finger tips and look into her eyes and tell her she's beautiful. But not like "Hey baby, you are beautiful!" .. While classic at to the point, instead try for a more subtle approach compliment her eyes, or her lips, or the beauty of her face or skin. I'll leave it up to you to pick her best facets, for after all she is your lady.

Step 2: Impatience is the key to passion.
Women of today are extremely impatient as are a good many of you younger men. But this is where you need to curve your impatience and learn to tease. Women are hypocritical about their impatience, for they love to be teased. Keep this in mind as you slide your caressing finger tips from her face down to cup a breast. Take the time to enjoy the texture of her breast, her silky skin, how soft and pleasant it is to the touch. Describe her breast to her, tell her about the silky texture of her cleavage, how it contrasts her nipple underneath your fingertips.

Even though you are most likely hard and throbbing against your own or her thigh at this point, don't give into the temptation to just get it on. Step 2 is very integral to Step 1. If you botch this step, the effort of Step 1 will have been completely wasted.

Step 3: Keep your focus, and the conversation.
Try to keep your A.D.D. at bay for a bit longer with this one. Begin to pay attention (if you haven't already) to her other breast. Nipples can get sore quickly from over stimulation, so it's best to alternate. Talk with your lady at this point. Not about groceries, or laundry, dishes or your kick ass new car stereo, either. Ask her about your touch. Ask her how she likes to be touched.

During this step always keep your touch contact, once you have the intimacy of touch and conversation going, do not break contact. If you need to lick your fingers to help ease the sensitivity of her nipples, put your other hand on her breast, remove the first hand, lick your fingers, and place your wet finger tips over her nipple, then remove your other hand from her breast. Keeping the touch is very important, once her body has warmed up to your hands, taking them away is like turning the warm water on the shower all the way to cold!

Step 4: Proceed with your tease.
At this point you should both be rather comfortable with each other. Most of her fears of not being the most beautiful woman on the planet should have faded, or at least be muted. Begin to slide your hands down her body, caressing her sides and over her thighs. The temptation to just go right between her delicious thighs and start fingering her is very strong at this point, but don't. You need to keep the tease going a bit longer, even if she's begging, biting her lower lip, and moaning in such a fashion that your cock is throbbing with each little whimper. Don't give in, yet.

This stage really depends on your lady. If she is the type that doesn't have super ticklish feet, I highly recommend continuing to slide your hands down her legs and give her a foot massage, one foot at a time, both hands on the foot of focus. Lick and suck her toes and keep eye contact with her as you play with her.

However, if her feet are very ticklish, then just spread her legs and massage her thighs. Slide your open hands palm against her thigh, fingers together, or spread for a kneading action and work her thighs, always from the knee towards the heart with your strong rubs, and very light rubbing caresses away from her vagina back down to the knees.

Step 5: Would you like to buy an O?
This step really depends on you, your willingness to please your lady, and your own personal preferences. In this step you slide yourself between her legs and caress her thighs with light pressure from the knees up to her velvet lips, tracing your finger tips not so lightly as to tickle, but not hard enough for hot friction, up and down her vaginal lips. Delight in their texture. Just like every mans penis is similar but different, so are the lips of every woman. Watch them open for you, feel them tremble against your finger tips and her legs shake just a bit.

Once her lips have opened for you over their own accord and you can feel her wetness beginning to coat your finger tips, bend over pursing your lips into an "O" and wrap them around the top of her vagina known as the hood. Keep eye contact if you can, but if not, it's most likely okay, since she probably has her head thrown back, eyes tightly shut, one hand on her lower tummy pushing down and the other probably in your hair.

Note: It is very important to note that during this step breath only in and out of your nose. DO NOT exhale INTO a woman. Never breath into a woman's vagina. It is all fine and good to tongue her until she creams all over your face making you a glazed doughnut, as it were. But if you put too much oxygen in her from your mouth, you will end up calling 911 and spending the rest of the night being lectured by Doctors and nurses.

Step 6: Give in and give it to her!
If you've followed the rest of this guide up to this point she has probably already cum a few times from the delicious workings of your tongue and fingers and needs you to give her the rest. Now depending on your own resolve, you can get up on your knees and taking your cock in your hand rub the head sensually back and forth across her swollen clit and make her beg for you to give it to her. Or you can just grab her ankles, push her feet up near her head and take her. Or perhaps she's already on all fours and growling with need, your milage may vary. . . In any case, enjoy, and I hope you found this guide somewhat helpful.

Q: Why is this written for men under 25?
A: Because once a man (speaking from personal experience) turns 25, he's pretty much set in his ways for life. He knows what he likes, he knows how he likes it, and regardless of how much you want to change him, or think you can change him. Chances are pretty good, you can't. After age 25, you either love us or hate us, and we'll let you.

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