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That got some attention. Now to begin answering your questions...

Playing4funtoo asked:

"well if u are so wicked then how did u get that name-----"

And since IWantYou492 asked as well:
"You said you earned your nickname. How did you come about doing that?"

I will answer this question first. How did I earn the nickname Wicked Wanda...

It'a a pretty tame story, but since you asked...

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who loved to "read" Hustler, Playboy and the like. Come on guys, you know you ALL buy those magazines for the articles!

Anyway, in one of the magazines, (I think it was Penthouse?) there was a cartoon called "Oh Wicked Wanda". In the comic, she did all kinds of wicked and depraved things...most of a sexual nature (from what I've been told). Anyway, I have always been a bit of a freak in the bedroom (or in the case of high school, the back of a car...or the riverbank..or..well, you get the point), but this particular night after I gave him a blowjob while hanging upside down from the monkey bars, then fucked him on a swingset and the merry-go-round, he thought calling me Wicked Wanda was appropriate.

Then when I went off to college and had my own radio show, (2 hours of Heavy Metal)WickedWanda sounded like a great radio name.

So, finally, when I signed up here, I figured it was time to revive the name and see what happened. I think it was a good choice.

There you have it, the origins of WickedWanda revealed.

Oh and for the record -- I can't hang upside down now to save my life...so don't ask! LOL

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