WickedWanda269 48F
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8/13/2005 6:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I kinda took some time off from the site, cuz, well, my as my last post indicated, I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to meet someone new.

But, wonders of wonders, I did meet someone, and he's awesome.

Our relationship is simple and uncomplicated and the sex is AMAZING! I don't think I've ever been with a guy who was so in tune with my needs. He does everything right -- massages, sex, oral, just the right amount of dirty talk..*sigh* makes me warm just thinking about it. LOL

Oh and did I mention he's cutie too? He described himself as a teddy bear...and he was right.

We meet about once a week...and lemme tell ya, I really REALLY look forward to those weekly get-togethers. LOL

We aren't exclusive as yet...so I am still looking for maybe one more Friend with Benefits...got a lot of potential candidates, so maybe I'll see what happens with one of them. Or maybe I'll just be happy with what I've got, cuz I think he's gonna be a HARD (pun intended) act to follow. LOL

Oh...one more thing -- as to my last post (about the bad encounter):

I told my husband about what happened, and begged him not to tell our friend til he was home for the weekend. I didn't want him out on the road worried about me and pissed off, cuz that doesn't mix well with barrelling down the highway at 70 miles an hour with 80 tons behind you. (He's a trucker.)

Anyway, our friend offered to do all kinds of nasty things to the guy, but I told him ( as I had already told my husband) that although it was a rather traumatic thing to go through, I would rather put it behind me and go on with my life.

For now, they are complying with my request, mainly because I am more than a bit happy with my new friend. But man was it tense around here for a while. Neither of them wanted me to meet another guy from on here, but I conviced them that not every guy is a creep and that I can't give up on guys completely...just learn to be more careful.

Anyway, that's my update. When I have more news, I'll report it. Later!

IWantYou492 31M
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8/16/2005 9:57 am

Well it's good to hear you are in good spirits. When you left off with that last post everything looked bleak. But alas, when people are able to make connections on here, it gives the rest of us hope that we can too.

2canplay4fun2 43M
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8/16/2005 5:31 pm

Wow, you seem to be a pretty gathered together woman. I just had to post this message to say I am glad you were able to share this story with everyone out there. Shows an incredable amount of courage as well as inner strenght to keep your self together after a meeting such as the one you had. I must also say I was glad to see you share it because I am sure there are lots of people out there who do not think about some of the possible consequences. It is great that you can share so that others can be warned.

WickedWanda269 48F
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8/18/2005 6:57 pm

Thanks guys! You two are too sweet.

I've been around the block, so to speak, a few times, and I've been knocked on my ass more times that I care to count. But I pride myself in remembering my past and not making the same mistake twice. Well, not the identical mistake anyway. LOL

IWantYou...you are just too cute. Keep trying...you'll find your miss right..or miss-right-now...whichever you may be looking for. It's a numbers game.

2canplay...you nailed (probably not the best choice of words, but stay with me here, LO my intentions on the head. (There I go again...gotta stop the puns! LO I find it hard...er...difficult (geesh!) to believe that I am the only one who had a less than enjoyable encounter, and although I had NO IDEA I would follow such a lousy encounter with such an awesome one, I figured my story should be told so others might not feel like they were alone. I dispense information for a living, so I guess it just carried over to here.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and compliments, guys. I appreciate them.

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