And the answers continue...  

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And the answers continue...

Dork1963 asked:

Why is it that women are always attracted to the wrong men and get upset when they don't get what they wanted?

Hum..that's a good question, D. (Sorry, can't call you a dork unless I know you are one for sure.

Can't answer for every woman on the planet, but I can answer for me and my little circle of female friends.

Women have a need to nurture. And other than kids, men are the next best thing to take care of. I know it's not PC, but most women when they are enamored with a man will go out of their way to do things for them, be there for them and pretty much bend over backwards to keep them happy. Both in and out of bed.

Where things get complicated, however, is when the man that the woman wants to nurture either doesn't appreciate it, or takes advantage of the woman's intentions. Then the woman tends to feel used and betrayed, and lament to their friends (especially if she's lucky enough to have male friends) about how she wishes she could find a man that appreciated her.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

The ironic thing is, most of the time, the very man whose shoulder she is crying on is the kind of man that DESERVES to be nurtured. He's proven that he can be trusted and truly cares about her. But she's not interested in him. He's not needy enough. Never mind the fact that he cares about her, or that he bends over backwards to please her. Or that he has a job and doesn't ask her for money or make her pay for everything. She just can't see that what she really wants is in front of her.

For the record, you guys are just as guilty. You end up with women who only want you for your money or what you can buy them...then wonder why you can't find a woman you want to settle down with. I just had this conversation with my trucker friend last night. His last five...count 'em FIVE girlfriends have been either psycho or looking for a paycheck. He deserves so much more than that, but he's trapped in the "I wanna be a knight in shining armour to a damsel in distress."

I guess what I am trying to say is, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be the knight or the nurturer...we all just need to make sure that the person we are heaping all our energy on is worthy of our time, money and love.

I'm off the answer more questions...stay tuned...

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