Unanswered questions...  

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8/16/2005 12:15 am

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Unanswered questions...

Wrote this one on my other blog, but, thought it might fit well for this one, as well...

(about a week late... but here it is)

There is one question, one word, that if spoken out loud, can change a persons life in ways that are almost unreal. They can change a persons viewpoints, relationships, even lifestyles! Asking for marriage, is a good example of it. Yet, that isn't the only one, and there are more, so many more that can create the pain or joy only the answers will give.

Most people shy away from these questions. Forever dwelling in the realms of possibility. So, why can't I just leave well enough alone? Why do I have to find that one question, ask that one question that can hurt, just because you have given the opportunity for it to be answered.

Now, in a surreal daze, I ask why I always ask, and yet, now, I DO know why. It's because I want to know... I want to grow... and, I want to feel a pain or joy that is unequal to none in this world.

So, now, I will go, and in a pseudo way of remembered mannerisms, I'm going to continue on my day. Although, my day will never be the same again.

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