The world that is... um... me?  

WhyteRavenne 41F
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8/20/2005 9:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The world that is... um... me?

Hey, sometimes I think I should figure things out, for myself.. and of course, I'm a very giving woman, so I'll share what I find with anyone who has the desire to read this.

I started with some random musings:

It's not what you do for a living, unless it makes you proud.
It's not what you live in, unless you have truly made it yours.
It's not what you wear, unless it makes you truly unique.
It's not what you drive, unless you built it.
It's not your life, unless you live it.

My body isn't yours to play with, unless I join willingly.
My mind isn't yours to game with, unless you invite it.
My soul isn't yours to gamble with, unless you are a mate.
My time isn't yours to waste, unless you make it worth it.
My life isn't yours to take over, ever.

So, that being said, or thought, as the case may be, it leads me to ponder what I am. I'm noticing that I've become more picky on the people I wish to converse with. It has never really been about looks, however, if I wonder if you can tie your own shoes, I don't think I'm going to find you attractive. I know what it is I'm after, however, somehow, the words to make myself clear to others seems to elude me. It's as if I simply speak a new tongue that no one has heard before. Only some of the words seem to come clear, and the rest are left behind. Maybe if I answer my own query, musings and when thinking about it... poem? I'll come up with an answer, or perhaps better question?

I am a Mother, I am a writer, I am an artist. It is all encompassing, it fills my mind and soul with wonder.
I live in beauty that I created. It evolves, changes and becomes more with the memories that fill it.
I wear my skin with pride. My stretchmarks, piercing scars and tattoos all tell a tale of where I have been in my life.
I walk. I ride when someone takes me. I yearn to fly.
My life seems to be taken over by responsibility and dread, it's time I take it back.

I'm not a plaything, unless I DEEM IT to be.
I'm not going to submissively lay my body down without something to think about first!
I have more than one soul mate... more than one person will be ever entwined with my life, and I always want more.
I have allowed too many distractions take my time, it's precious, I shouldn't squander it.
I am not going to allow anyone to make my life for me, or make me make theirs.

That all being said... I think I know more about what I am... not really who... but, that's for another day.. (maybe?)

smackyman 46M
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8/24/2005 11:29 pm

Hi WhyteRavenne - just found you blog and gave it a read. I was surprised that more people hadn't commented on some of the interesting thoughts and questions that you had put forth.
I agree with what you've said - nothing wrong with being picky or setting some standards for what you are interested in or looking for. I'm going to stick around for a bit and see what else you post - thanks and take care...*smile*

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