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WhyteRavenne 41F
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9/12/2005 1:40 pm

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Random ramblings

I have accepted my friends needs as well as my own. I. has asked me to be his Mistress. It's a little difficult, since I've been relishing being in the bottom, the Sub for so long. I have had training, though, in the New Leather, not Old. I really value I.'s friendship and am glad we have been able to work out some neutral ground. It's a little strange, though. Due to his youth and living conditions, it seems that he is unwilling to go "public". I wish I could say it was a GF, but, it isn't...

I've been thinking about my other friends that I have met. I'm very pleased to say that S. has graduated from sometime friend to a friend that I truly care for. I wish that I could be more involved with his Vanilla life, though. I don't like the sneaking around feeling, but, it's his world, and I'm just glad to have some part of it.

Well, now for the part I've been avoiding. I am terrified. I know that the people around me have been trying to be supportive, in their own fashion, but, during times like this, I wish they would be more understanding. All the "best choices" in the world is not making mine any easier. Too many variables... and too many right answers that will leave me grieving for the rest of my life, though. I know what I have to do... I don't know how to remove myself from my choice.

rm_CalgaryComic 39M

9/25/2005 11:26 pm

You have a strong heart and soul my love, and in time will defeat all fears. Please lean on us, your friends in time of need. We may not alwasy say the right thing at the right time, but we're ALWAYS holding you up and trying to give you everything you need. Are intentions are pure, even if our minds sometimes are not <evil grin> Find strength in weakness, accept being vunerable and you'll find yourself indestructable. In'la'kesh

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