Random Musings and silly thoughts  

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9/25/2005 12:02 am

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Random Musings and silly thoughts

There is a lovely young man, Boi, who has really taken my heart. I dearly love him, no, I'm not IN love with him, just love him, and he's a real sweetie. I just wish he wouldn't be so afraid to TOUCH me. I wonder if it's his age, the forbidden (since he's a few years younger than me? and I'm married) or what. I wish I could just grab his hand and SHOW him how to do it. I have tried, but, to no avail. He acts shy, and nervous. I guess I have to be patient. His little bunny humphump has got to go, as well... hee hee.. it's cute, but, REALLY!?!

There is another man, who is my age, that is lovely, as well. I don't love him, but, I really like his company. He is terrified of touching me, as well! It's not that I bite, hard, often... well, I do if asked... but, HE gets discomforted, since he's married and his wife is lovely and... goddess, I don't know.

Now, Honey has a little Tart that he's having over this Monday. I'm thrilled for him. She's sexy, cute, curious and everything he needs (outside of me, of course!), so, why is it I'm jealous?! It's CAUSE I want to be the one he wants to spend his ONLY night off with. hee hee. Okay, I'm greedy. However, she's being "delivered" by her bf to him, and she doesn't live in Cowtown and... and... POUT. I wanna spend time with him.

Well, I am done pouting for now... and very tired... I'll try and write more, soon... Loves


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