Please, No MORE ART!  

WhyteRavenne 41F
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3/27/2006 7:15 am

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3/27/2006 8:59 am

Please, No MORE ART!

One thing the world tends to not need is more creativity.

I know that is sounding unusual, coming from my poetic and creative soul. However, here is why I think that. I know that my work is appreciated, by those I care for, mostly by those who don’t truly understand, my friend and family. Oh, they try, but, for the most part, only someone who creates in the same motif will fully feel the impact of any of my work. Only someone who knits, will know what it takes to do that many stitches, or someone who quilts will understand what each patch to create a whole, takes. So, true, is the poetic word. Only those who write, those who feel with every word, their soul shining through, will understand, and truly acknowledge that which I am. An artist. However, do to the vanity that resides in our human soul, do I share my thoughts with the world. I’m thankful, most of all, for blogs/journals and all forms of personal growth and thought.

Another art form, truly unknown, to those who do not live it. The world of Flirtation and Sex. Beautiful in its own right, and far too often taken for granted by those who, barbarically think, that all it is, is pretty words on paper, screen or voice. Guile and lies, raptures of innocence and a means to an end. A truly whored art form. Well known to the world that has no understanding of it. Perhaps I’m just too bitter, for the lack of understanding, the delicate gift that I give to those who do not perceive what it is. I’m sure that I will not change, though. For it is something I truly will not, can not, live without.

Forgive me, my friends, who do not write, create, or flirt, for I do not mean to offend. I truly love you for the art that resides in YOUR soul, that I do not understand, will never truly give thanks for. I hope that some day, I will be able to, but, perhaps, I need a less creative world?


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