Oh SHIT... I am in love.  

WhyteRavenne 41F
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11/28/2005 9:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh SHIT... I am in love.

Now, I love love. It's romantic, sweet, crazy, painful, and just a reflection on life, to me.

I love to love. I love everyone! I love my friends, family, cats, dog, fish, chocolate, chubby men and whatever else happens to cross my path. Now, there is nothing wrong with loving. I love the loving!

What's wrong? I'm in love. SHIT! Now, the problem with being IN LOVE is that, unless the people you are IN LOVE with, feel the same, you are just setting yourself up for the nastiest of the nasty pain. Yep, and it's all YOUR OWN FAULT! You can't blame anyone for it, no matter what happens.

What is being "IN LOVE"? It's committing your heart to the happiness of another... it's commitment to care, think about and worry about the other. It's loving to the extreme. It's knowing you want nothing more than to grow old with that person, people. The time when you are on your death bed, you will have them there. You will be there for them. In love has so many consequences, I can not believe I am.

Okay, it's really hard to be "IN LOVE"... it's easy to fall for someone, to love someone, to say those words "I love you"... but, damn, why did I allow my heart the freedom to fall?

Now what?

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