Masters and Boi's  

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11/2/2005 3:21 pm

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Masters and Boi's

Master has finally given me an assignment that is more than remembering my experiences. My body, which I am quite fond of, is now HIS. Lol... no not a dramatic, live in sub mode forever, way. I have to become healthier than I am, now. Which, to be quite honest, is probably the best thing for me. My health has never been great, and now... well, my first assignment, which is the start of many, is to learn how to striptease. Gee, since I've been wanting to learn for a few years, it's probably a good assignment, eh? I have to go slowly, though, due to my heart (gosh, there is the health thing, again), so, I have some discs that I'm going through. I have to have the first segment "done" by the end of the week. So, everyday is my goal... since, I have to show what I've learned at the end of the week! lol.. Yeah, I'm nervous, but, it's not like Master hasn't been with me for the last eternity, right? (oh, okay, 6 years!). I'm glad he's being so supportive about the whole thing.

I am really enjoying my time I get to spend with Boi. He's really developing, however... in some ways it is probably the worst thing in my world. He's very closet gay. I feel honoured that he loves me, though. I just wish there was some way I could help him. ah well.

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