Finally finished it... wooo! Sexy  

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Finally finished it... wooo! Sexy

100 things you didn’t really want to know about me

1. I love to write, but I much prefer typing.
2. I’m terrified of sharks, so, like to go to shark exhibits.
3. I’m terrified of centipedes and millipedes… gods, I think they are crawling on me now.
4. I LOVE being in LOVE.
5. I love “fantasy” whether it is in an RPG, a book or a movie.
6. I’m scared of the dark, but, sleep better in the dark.
7. I love to cuddle, but, I don’t like to be touched when I’m angry… grrr, bite, bite!
8. I love flying; I would fly across the street everyday, if I could.
9. I am a furry… to be exact, I’m a cougar.
10. I don’t answer the phone, usually, unless I know exactly who is calling, and I feel like answering.
11. I love to learn new things.
12. I am currently working on a cat print quilt for myself. (Almost done)
13. I rarely make things for myself. I think it has to do with my Christian upbringing.
14. I’m no longer Christian. I’m Pagan.
15. I don’t like very many fruits.
16. I prefer vegetables.
17. I love my children, but hate being around kids.
18. I don’t really have a favorite colour, however, I do prefer rich jewel tones, and black.
19. I learned that therapists and “the ” have the same sequence of letters… funny.
20. I like to laugh, hey, my very best friend in the worlds and beyond is a comedian.
21. I tend to write too much… always, and more… and then, I usually add something on the end.
22. I prefer to be nude… but, in public, I like to wear revealing clothing.
23. I love tattoos, and eventually want to have my whole body covered… much like a quilt.
24. I don’t mind being chubby, but, wish I wasn’t.
25. I love to read. I read everything, and have a huge collection of books, comics and, ahem, quilt magazines.
26. I don’t like magazines.
27. I love taking pictures, of myself… Yes, I’m that vain.
28. I love taking pictures… of everything. I have a picture of my computer desk.
29. I don’t like pictures of peoples’ body parts… but, appreciate when someone who loves me sends me one.
30. I’m allergic to metal… and I think my gold rings are causing me blisters now. Shoot.
31. I wear a stainless steel ring, I bought with my poker winnings.
32. I don’t play poker. I’m not very good at it.
33. I can’t lie. I always get nervous, when I try.
34. I ADORE going to movies. I will not go to horrors, though… too scary.
35. I snore, REALLY loud… terrible.
36. I have a small opening (ethmoid bone) isn’t small enough… or the hole is too small… (my nose), whatever… I have no idea… but it makes me snore.
37. I used to have an over developed saliva gland. My dentist said that’s why I had such good teeth… eew.
38. I don’t like porn. It’s boring and looks funny.
39. I am wearing my knitted socks… they are god ugly, but comfortable.
40. I hate it when people use short form for basic words, “how r u? asl?”, but, I like LOL…
41. I always ask why. About everything. I want to know.
42. I love to rock. I love rocking chairs. I rock my hips at night to help relax my back, and my mind.
43. I love to sleep in a “nest” of pillows. Some under my legs, around my sides… under my head.
44. I love to take the time to talk with the people I love. I feel that if they are that important to me, they are important enough for me to do that!
45. I’m a hopeless romantic. I love romantic comedies, and Sex in the City…
46. I love cartoons… all of them, from Spice City to Simpsons. My favorites are anything adult and sexy and King of the Hill.
47. I love my msn, however, I delete my list when it gets too long. I don’t like things to look messy.
48. I’m not anal about my cleaning, however, I prefer to be in a clean environment.
49. I love lists… makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
50. I hate finishing videogames. I tend to delay it as much as possible.
51. I wish people would want to be proud of me… and want to share the world my being… talk about me…brag.
52. I brag about my friends.
53. I am too emotional, sometimes. I take everything personally.
54. I am very shy, so I do everything I can to not be.
55. I like quiet… I LOVE my quiet time. It happens so rarely.
56. I like music, but don’t listen to much. I find it to be background annoyance.
57. I love CEREAL… the only food in the world that has so much variety!
58. Although I’m a Goth/punk girl I love the Schoolgirl look. I think it’s the pigtails.
59. I want to get shackles tattooed onto my wrists and ankles. Yep, I’m a bottom.
60. I bought a book on knitting, ‘cause I liked the “net” shirt… (guy’s shirt)
61. I always wanted a blue Mohawk, but, I love having long hair… and don’t want to cut it.
62. Physically, what attracts me, is anything unique. I guess that’s why I like actors of any kind (musicians, comedian, wrestler)
63. I go through “phases” during my 6week cycle… my most hated is when I go into “heat”… (yeah, kind of like a cat)
64. Did I mention that I swear way too much? I like swearing, though. I think it has to do with the fact that I never did when I was younger. I also don’t mind my children swearing.
65. I love expensive brownies… you know, the ones with nuts… MMMmmm, I can eat a whole box!
66. I can be lonely around people. I prefer to know people I’m around, then go to strange environments.
67. I masturbate above the sheets, now. I think I’m becoming more open. Although, it could just be that I like a little too much variety?
68. I LOVE the theater, whether it’s movies, plays, anything. I think the Phantom of the Opera is the best play ever.
69. I totally need a break from reality.
70. I like ravioli. Including the canned pasta.
71. I believe everyone is nice, including the jerks!
72. I always try to use good grammar, and spelling, but, sometimes I get sloppy.
73. I’m dyslexic
74. When I come across the “Who are you” lists, I love doing them. I like to see what questions other people come up with.
75. I have 400 songs downloaded… I’m evil
76. I tend to be a little shy on webcam/videocam. I think that people are judging me.
77. I PREFER to have relations with chubby people, but, like looking at slim and built people.
78. Very few things in life freak me out, and those that do, totally do.
79. I try to not be shallow or judgmental, however, it’s been known to happen that I sound racist.
80. I don’t get shy talking about sex in public, and will talk with anyone on the subject.
81. I get sucky sometimes. Especially when I’m sick.
82. I need to sew and knit everyday. It helps relax me.
83. I like to meet new people online.
84. I have a picture of what I looked like when I was 18.
85. I’m always doing something.
86. I like to think of stories when I fall asleep and when I’m on the treadmill.
87. I bring my books into the bath with me.
88. I like to read Archie comics, especially when I’m eating
89. I love to watch the flicker of fire.
90. I respond to my emails, once a month.
91. I have a few emoticons, but, they are the really cute ones. My favorite is my “breadkitty” and my “pickle jar”
92. I look good in green, and terrible in grey.
93. I always wanted a red room, but, worried about trying to paint one.
94. I want to learn to scuba dive
95. I bungee jumped nude, once.
96. I’ve been published
97. I love rpg’s and strategy games… a little too much.
98. I don’t listen to music often… strange, eh?
99. I say “Bloody Hel”.
100. I’m glad I had 100 things to write about.

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RPGs: Pen and Paper or Online?

If you have played Pen and Paper, which ones and which ones do you still play now if any?

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This was awesome to read...I am not sure that I could find a hundred...Thank you for sharing this...*smiles*

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