Dialog about sex... what the?  

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9/7/2005 7:34 am

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Dialog about sex... what the?

EMAIL from my Honey:
I was chitting on MSN and I was disscussing I had no reservations about S visiting today, except the timing was a nuicence based on he's cheating and on a timeline, Max gets off at the same time and we have no car. they replaied with this.
hmmm....well then you've dug your own grave my friend
MM says:
I'm FINE with the sex I just wish I had somewhere to go for the hour that's all lol
s a m a n t h a says:
go to a movie..or the zoo
s a m a n t h a says:
or dinner and let her fend for herself
MM says:
lol I only got 10 bux in my pocket
s a m a n t h a says:
tell her to give you money then
MM says:
Uh...I'm the only one that works
s a m a n t h a says:
well then tell her instead of fucking other people at home, to get a job and fuck people there?
MM says:
Uh at work??
MM says:
that's a little risky
s a m a n t h a says:
yep everyone does it...afterhours...lunch breaks...sex in closets
MM says:
s a m a n t h a says:
meh people who cheat have sex whenever they can
MM says:
yeah good point eh!
s a m a n t h a says:
I still think this whole arrangement is a little wonky, plus you're getting the shit end of it
MM says:
why am i?
s a m a n t h a says:
she's having all this sex with different men, you're either participating, watching or getting kicked out of the house...she gives you short notice to fuck these guys who she misses so there's obviously emotional infidelity as well, and you're the one who's keeping the money coming in to the family...it just seems a little weird to me...and defies my concept of marriage in my mind

Outside the catfood, my reaction (msn with Honey):
WHAT the fuck is this?
Yeah I thought it was bullshit too
Just an example of the closed mindedness *I* have to go through
What the fuck. Thanks.
you get the horny cheating jerks, I get THAT fucking attitude
Oh. And this is someone who wants you?
like i fucking care anymore, bitch gotta go but THAT's the level of understanding I get
I can't say I'm impressed. I'm actually in a really bad mood, now
I'm pissed right off, now
I was just showing you to see the audacity of some people to flip off an opinion like that it's like that dude telling you you needed him remember?
So, I'm fucking CHEATING, now? So, what the fuck with A.?
all I was saying to her is "i want her happy I just wish this this dude had an easier schedule" and I get THAT
I'm a whore who NEEDS sex, cheating and is emotionally screwing with you... and you? 'Cause you are working, and I'm supposedly NOT, it's okay?
lol that's what they tell me
You said I don't work...
get a job so you can give me some $ so i can go out lol
You agreed that I am cheating
you don't "work" outside the house
MM says: Uh...I'm the only one that works
s a m a n t h a says: meh people who cheat have sex whenever they can MM says: yeah good point eh!
well I've met lots of cheaters who do take every chance they can get (other cmics mainly)
You are NOT getting kicked out of the house... and, if I really want to FUCK anyone... I don't see how that makes me a whore, or emotionally cheating.
I'm glad you reacted strongly, I thought it was pretty retarted but she typed it so matter-of-factly
I love my friends... but, I love YOU differently.
I will NEVER love anyone like I love you... fuck, I'm so mad, right now.
Like I have a limited love supply and have to fuck you over in order to love any friend... however, if it's a friend I'm fucking, I must be cheating emotionally And since I'm cheating in every way I can. I must be giving you the shit end of the fucking stick, 'cause YOU work And I fucking don't BUT... if I work at a conventional job... it's okay 'cause then it's not cheating, it's fucking in a closet... just fucking sex. And sex is so much better than having friends So... do I fucking cheat if I go to a movie with K (Female family friend)? Or if I have D (Male family friend) over? Or is it just people that I fuck Are you fucking cheating when you go to YUKS? On tour? Or is it that you are WORKING... and that's okay?

Well, that was the whole thing... except the end... which is sort of personal. (yeah, like the rest wasn't... eh?)

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