108 MORE questions answered...  

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7/6/2006 5:30 am
108 MORE questions answered...

1. What is your full name? Ravenne… etc.
2. What is your address? Somewhere in Calgary… I think
3. Do you like goats? I LOVE fainting goats
4. What’s your favorite type of cheese? Medium Cheddar
5. What time is it now? 6:05 am
6. What is your mother’s maiden name? I don’t know? (hee hee)
7. Who’s better looking; Scarlet Johanson or Christina Ricci? I have no idea
8. Would you rather eat a taco or have a sausage shoved down your throat? What kind of sausage?
9. What are you wearing? My glasses..
10. Do you have a driver’s license? Yeah…
11. What is your driver’s license number? 1-2-3-4…
12. Do you like nachos? MmmmMm.. yeah
13. What is your bank account number? 1-2-3-4 (actually, I don’t have one)
14. What is your favorite food? All
15. How old were you when you were born? 10 moons in the womb
16. What is your Ontario Health Card number? I don’t have one of those, either…
17. Does this cut look infected? You should get it checked
18. What is your favorite car? Um… if it has five wheels, it’s fine with me.
19. What is your birth date? June 26, ‘75
20. How old are you right now? 31.. awww
21. Where were you born? Still in Calgary
22. Do you prefer breasts, legs, or thighs? On women? Breasts… ‘course, the same is for chickens
23. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity? Yep…
24. Did you answer Scarlet Johanson to question seven? Who?
25. Would you fuck her if she asked? Probably… is she cute?
26. Would you mind if I did? Sure, go ahead…
27. Have you ever worn a dickey? No.. but I can fold one.
28. Have you ever sworn at a ducky? The fucker took a fry from me
29. Do you prefer peanut butter or jelly? Peanut butter
30. Do you think I look sexier in glasses or contacts? Glasses rock
31. So, you think I’m sexy? Totally
32. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s okay to think I’m sexy. Am I supposed to say something?
33. So, who else do you find sexy? Oh gods, got a couple of days? We’ll start with my best friends
34. Really? Totally
35. Well, what if I had a hot tub? And…?
36. You still wouldn’t? I probably would… but, that’s me… (what are we talking about?)
37. Hey, do you like to do naughty things? I do, all the time
38. Have you ever been paid to do naughty things? Yep…
39. Yes, dinner counts as pay… Yep… so does drinks.
40. So, what’s your answer now? No!
41. Do you think kids are cute? They are fucking adorable… grow up to be heartbreakers.
42. You’re not a peodophile are you? Fucker
43. What about an X Phile? What the fuck?
44. So who’s more “doable”; Mulder or Scully? Both names scare me.
45. How’s my driving? Sucks…
46. Do you have any sisters? Want one? (I have a few stepsisters and a couple of sis-in-laws)
47. Female cousins maybe? Yep.. a few of those, as well
48. Do you think they might want to join me for some fun? Sure, find them and ask
49. What is your Social Insurance Number? 1-2-3-4
50. What’s your blood type? AB+
51. What’s your favourite movie? Depends on the time of month
52. Have you ever pulled the wings off a fly? I’ve squished flies, that’s the extent of my torture
53. Did you ever torture small animals when you were younger? Yes… I didn’t REALLY mean to, but, I was a little mean to a Guinea pig
54. How long has it been since you’ve had sex? Last night.. but that was with me
55. Would you pull my finger if I asked? No…
56. What’s the capital of Canada? Ottawa
57. Who would win in unarmed combat between Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard? Capt. Kirk, ‘cause he’s more of a prick
58. On what date and time will you die? When I get close and that will be a good time
59. Will it be a violent and gruesome death? Nyah…
60. Will I be the instrument of your untimely demise? Most likely
61. If I were in a Police uniform, would you let me frisk you? Hel Yeah…
62. What if I wasn’t in uniform, but I bought you a drink first? A sodie pop?
63. Have you ever kissed a girl? Many
64. With tongue? Many
65. Can I watch? Sure..
66. Have you ever licked someone else’s ass? Where?
67. Do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? Yeah.. I do.
68. How many pieces of pizza can you eat in one sitting? I can eat 4 if I’m REALLY hungry
69. Do you like to get freaky 69 style? No, I don’t like people goin’ down on me.
70. Do you like monkies? No… silly beasts
71. Have you ever practiced Pyronecrobestiality? Wouldn’t that be cooking meat?
72. Are you now, or have you ever been a sex trade worker? Yeah.. why?
73. Would you like to give it a try? Probably again.. yeah.
74. How would you feel if I were to post naked pictures of you on the internet? I’d get pissed right off..
75. What do you mean I don’t have any naked pics of you? You most likely do
76. You really don’t know me very well, do you? I adore you
77. Are you aware cameras smaller than a Loonie are commercially available? So?
78. Would you spank my ass and call me a sexy Bitch, if I asked? Oh baby, who wouldn’t?
79. What if I don’t ask? Get over here… Bitch
80. Have you ever been in a car accident? Yep… still
81. Have you ever been in a rental car? Yeah…
82. Have you ever been in a car accident in a rental car? No.. actually, I haven’t
83. Have you ever been in a car accident just to get a rental car? Weird ass question
84. Has anyone ever told you your ass looks big in those jeans? Pretty sexy, eh?
85. Did you slap them? Why? I’ve a sexy ass
86. Would you slap me? Probably.. you are mean
87. Can a slap your ass? Sure.. go for it
88. Even though it looks big in those jeans? Yeah…
89. Do you like Jews? Sure, why not?
90. Do you like gin? EEW
91. Do you like Snoop Doggy Dogg? Who?
92. Do you like Gin and Jews? Sure?
93. What about Gin and Juice? What?
94. Have you ever shot a cop? Yeah.. with a toy pistol
95. Were you in Windsor on Friday? Nope…
96. Too soon for a joke like that? Wha?
97. Okay, don’t answer number ninety-five (unless you already did). I did
98. Do you believe in the Davinci Code? Yeah…
99. Have you ever shaved another person’s genitals? Of course
100. Would you mind shaving mine? (They’re getting kind of itchy.) Sure, get over here
101. Do you feel dirty after doing another Shawn Byatt quiz? Who?
102. Why are you still answering questions? I am?
103. What time is it now? 6:25
104. Couldn’t that time have been better spent doing something productive? Nyah… it’s too early
105. Yet, here you are, still answering these retarded questions? That was a question?
106. Would you like me to send you more of these? Sure..
107. Would you rather I keep my stupid quizzes to myself? Nope
108. What about my hands? What are they? Those things dangling on your arms.

rm_ohoh0007 56M

11/9/2006 10:10 am

Very Funny!~!!

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