walking along The Strand and a little fantasy  

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6/13/2005 1:18 pm

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walking along The Strand and a little fantasy

So this post will be in two sections. First, just a little of my normal rambling. The second, is about what I’d do to this girl who I’d told “if you were laying down on my floor, the things I’d do…” So I’ll live out a little fantasy. Because I’ve been horny as fuck (lol, that’s new, isn’t it?).

So I got in this great conversation with this girl the other night. I’d met her while I was out for a walk. At any point of the day or night, there’s a ton of people on The Strand (it’s the boardwalk for Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and a host of other small beachs) doing their own thing. Some run, others bicycle. Others just walk by themselves or in conversation with friends, family or loved one.

I literally bumped into her as I was walking. I was distracted at looking at the houses lining the Strand. If you’ve never been there, you wouldn’t believe how nice some of those beach houses are (lol, I’m sure it’s like that at every beach… I know for sure Newport, Huntington, Laguna and Dana Point are like that too). She’d knelt down to tie her shoe and I practically ran over her. After profusely apologizing to her, we both started walking.

If any of you were to know me, you’d know I’m an intensely shy guy if I haven’t met you before or were introduced to you by a friend. I have a really hard time meeting someone by myself and out of the blue.

I admit that I’m a turnoff for a lot of girls. I just don’t have self-confidence when it comes to attraction. I’m confident to the point of arrogance when it comes to other thigns. But when it comes to a girl being attracted to me… it’s all over.

But she broke the ice, as we had the same pace and it was kinda awkward. She did the classic, “It’s nice tonight.” Hey, I’ve got no problem with meaningless chit-chat with a stranger.

So we start talking and I find out that she’s just walking to think and relax, just as I am. We start talking about music. She’s shocked that I don’t know ANYTHING about hip-hop, as it just doesn’t really do anything for me. She starts singing some famous songs, but I can’t name them or even recognize them. She asks about my tattoo (it was kinda warm, so I had a sleeveless/tank-top kind of shirt on) and gets surprised when she finds out what it is. I get the speech, “what happens 20 years from now when you’re not into that…”

So then we talk about relationships. She’s going through some shit with her boyfriend. I give her what I’d think a general man’s perspective of the situation (far from what I think. I think he was just an annoying ass… but guys normally don’t think in terms of how the girlfriend would think, so I see WHY he was acting the way he was). Then she asks me if I have a girlfriend. I tell her no and she asks why.


I tell her many reasons. I tell her about my lack of self-confidence in asking a girl out, about how it’s hard to meet a girl that wants the same things I do. She asks what that is. So I tell her.

It’s hard to meet people your age that isn’t about going to bars, partying at the friend’s place and getting drunk, wanted to go out every night… I just like to relax. At this time, my ideal good time is spending it in conversation at a Starbucks, having a nice dinner, hanging out at the beach, watching tv together, etc…

I have no problems going out. I’m not a total buzz-kill. Just not 24/7. Although, I’m starting to think it’s just the friends that I DO have at this time may be affecting my taste. In any case, I tell her, it’s moot point. I just can’t meet girls.

She asks, like EVERY girl, “why?”

Now, I know she means well. Just like every other girl. But I’m tired of explaining my reasoning, because I know it’s going to be rejected…

So I tell her that I realize that I’m far from Mr. Model, Mr. Bad-boy, etc… And in the South Bay, to get noticed at places to meet people, that’s what you have to be. She’s like, “places to meet?” So I tell her bars and parties. She says, “well, that’s not the ONLY place to meet girls.” So I ask her, if you didn’t have friends in the area, and you wanted to meet people in this area, how would you meet people yourself? That’s when she got quiet.

I told her a guy that had self-confidence or balls could meet a girl anywhere. But for a guy like me… I can’t go up to a random girl in the bookstore, or in the cafĂ© as she’s doing her homework CLEARLY not interested in meeting someone, or even at the beach where I’m nowhere NEAR to competition to the other guys out there.

Venus_observa has seen pics of me on Myspace. She can tell you that I’m not exactly Price Charming. Not to mention, I have a little issue with my gut. I’m working on that. LOL, I went from six pack to a brewery in about a year. That’s what happens when you get lazy, my friends!

Anyway, so I reiterate that the only place to meet other singles in the South Bay that’s feasible is bars. And I’m at the bottom of the food chain amongst the guys.

So she gets quiet, and I just say, “I win.”

She laughs and says I’m funny. I know. Just kidding. We talk a little bit, and she says she has to go. She told her boyfriend she’d call. She’s nice enough to say that she really enjoyed talking to me and that she was really grateful of the advise/perspective I gave her. We exchange numbers so that we might hang out sometime.

All in all, a nice conversation, although a bit depressing for me. oh well…

Here’s the sexual side of the post:

So if that girl were laying on my floor, with the skirt that she had with her arms above her head, I’d drop down on top of her. Hold her hands down and kiss her hard. Then softly nuzzle her neck as I grind my hard cock in between her legs.

I’d then slowly travel down, kissing her and nibbling her chest, breasts, stomach, then teasing around her belly-button. Then I’d reach down and pull her panties off (too bad she wasn’t commando!) and tease her, kissing around her inner thighs. I’d softly lick with just the tip of my tongue on the lips of her pussy, evading her hips as she tries to push them up to my face. After she moans, begging me to do more, I concede.

I slowly split her cunt lips with my tongue, loving how she shaves herself. I slowly lick from bottom to top. As I hit her clit, I can feel her buck. Apparently my teasing slowness has got her a little horny. As her juices are flowing, I start to eat her out.

After her first cum, I slip a finger into her cunt and finger fuck her as I latch onto her clit. I ride that second orgasm, then slip another finger in. Then I tease her ass. Some girls like some anal play with oral. She flinches away, and I take the hint.

I just settle in and turn it up more and really eat her cunt. With her hands entwined in my hair, she screams out and convulses. I love the way her legs are over my shoulders and she’s pulling me into her cunt.

When she recovers, she pulls me up and pushes my shorts down. Nothing sexier than a girl taking your clothes off. I’m a little embarrassed, as always, as my cock’s just average. Not very big like most girls always want. But I know that I’ve satisfied every one of them in the past (knock on wood) so as soon as I can use it, I’ll make sure she doesn’t regret it.

She pulls me up, thinking she’d have to repay me. But I can tell she’s too horny, so I pull away and just drop onto her. Quickly, I find her entrance and sink into her. We both sigh and moan. Then I start slowly pumping into and out of her. I change my angle a little to make sure her clit is hit with the top of my dick, and she starts wriggling under me. When I reach behind me to pull her legs up onto my shoulders, I realize that I still have my shirt on, and she has everything but her thong on. I don’t care. I can feel her naked body on me later.

I start pounding into her. She starts moaning and I have to hold off. It’s been a while and her cunt is milking my cock so nicely…

After a little of this, I realize I’m so close. I have to change it so I don’t cum. I bring her legs down and roll us over. She immediately takes over and starts riding me. As she’s bouncing up and down on my hard cock, I grasp her ass. Then I slip my hands under her shirt. She stops for a second, and whips off her shirt and then reaches behind to undo her bra. As she does that, she starts to just grind. I know she’s rubbing her clit against me. I fill my hands with her breasts. I tease the nipples and caress every other part.

I pull her down and kiss her hard, before pulling her down farther so I can start sucking her tits. I kiss and nibble both. I know I’m going to leave hickies there. : )

Then she starts really riding me. I can tell she’s going to cum. Then she starts to convulse, so I quickly roll her over and pound into her as she’s cumming. Then I pull out and slide down. I eat her again, while she’s sensitive and that sets her off again.

Then I get up to let her rest a bit, but am thwarted as she pushes me back, grabs my cock, and sit on me again. This time, she rides me very quickly. Normally, I can’t cum with way, but her cunt is so good, and it’s been so long, I succumb easily. I tell her I’m going to cum.

Hmmmm, how about you finish the story… where would you like me to cum?


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