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4/22/2005 12:32 pm

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oral fuck buddy

I talked to an old friend yesterday and were reliving some “experiences” with her.

See, we had a friend’s with benefits arrangement. But this had a different twist to it. See, there was no sex. Well, no FULL sex. She’d call me up and just want me to come over and eat her out. She repay me by giving me a handjob while sucking on my neck, nibbling on my ear, kissing me with those beautiful lips, or whispering naughty things or simply panting in my ear. That girl knew how to give handjobs.

See, she was trying not to make sex her life, since she’d felt she’d slept with too many people in too short of a time (I didn’t agree with her, but respected it). Since we were good friends and my past girlfriends loved how I preformed oral sex, she proposed to me that arrangement. And I totally was up for it.

It was great. While I wasn’t getting regular sex, it was close enough. And there’s nothing like eating out a cunt while the girl is squirming and cumming. And I loved just being naked with her and cuddling after the festivities.

That’s something I miss. Just a booty-call for fun. I mean, I want a good relationship. But in the mean time, a simple friendship where there’s not bull-shit. We can be open. If we just want to hang out, we hang out. If we want to have sex, we have sex. If you don’t want to see me, we don’t talk. Simple.

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