interesting situation...  

Whitewashd 36M
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9/18/2005 9:37 am

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interesting situation...

Holy shit! Trippy night last night. Surprising turn of events, to say the least.

Last night I went to watch the USC football game at a bar with some old friends. I’ve been a Trojan fanatic ever since my sister went to school there. I’ve always been bummed that I was accepted, but couldn’t afford it.

Anyway, we were all just watching the game, having a good time. Then I started talking to a woman next to me. She was REALLY funny. And she was pretty attractive. Kept her body in killer shape, and new how to present herself. She wasn’t that South Bay woman who was older, trying desperately to be like the young ladies. She looked simply like an older woman that had a younger presence about her.


So we ended up talking way after the game was over. My friends had left, the game was over, so we decided to walk down the Strand for a bit. I think we both knew we were interested. We’d talked about relationships before. She was divorced and just living life. I was looking for companionship or a real relationship, either one as long as there’s no games and it’s a mature thing.

So I think she was okay with the age difference, and like I said earlier, I’ve been craving a mature relationship (romantic or sexual). Signs were thrown out. We made it down to the Redondo Wall (that’s what I call it… I dunno what it’s really called) and she reached out to hold my hand, pull me to the side of the wall, and slowly moved in for a kiss.

I think she was more cautious than I was. Of course, I wasn’t planning on making a move, anyway. It was a nice kiss. She grabbed my ass and ground her crotch against me. LOL, she did have to lean down. The perpetual problem of height difference was there.

Anyway, after a while, I finally broke off the kiss, and told her that any longer, I’d be tearing her clothes off. She flashed me a smile that made my knees literally go weak. So we started walking back.

Let me tell you. I was excited. Almost exactly the general woman I’ve been looking for. She knew her professional and private life. There weren’t any games. There wasn’t any indecision. Only what’s there to experience. I must’ve been grinning like a fool.

I finally got her age. She was 36. I found out she’d had a daughter when she was 16. She joked with me that on our next “date” she better not feel like a chaperon. That cracked me up. Here’s a woman who knew the comedy of a 12 year age difference (not appalling, but definitely significant).

Anyway, we were talking as I walked her to her car. She said she had to go pick up her daughter from college tomorrow, so Sunday wasn’t a good day to have a lunch or dinner. I curiously asked her what school her daughter goes to. She told me UCSD. She said her daughter was studying sports management.
“Sandra wants to be an owner of some professional team or something, I dunno.”

I felt like a ton of bricks just hit my stomach. I think I whispered out a “Sandra?” Then she stopped, looked at me, and SHE was like, “Wait. James? THE James?”

We just stared at each other. So I asked, “Wait, do you live on ‒ “ And she cut me off and just nodded. We knew.

I used to date her daughter. OH MY GOD. Sandra and I started off as a good relationship, but we both realized we didn’t want a serious relationship. We ended up having a relationship that was centered mostly on companionship and sex. I was her first and she always treasured that. But there was no love. Just awesome sex.

So she blurted out, “You turned my daughter into a slut!” I jerked back and didn’t know what to say. She started laughing. I wasn’t sure if I should. She just playfully slapped me on the shoulder and said it was okay. Her daughter and she were really close (I’m sure because of the lack of age difference for a mother and daughter) and her daughter told her how I “made her into a slut.”

Which was true, in a way. Sandra loved sex after she discovered it.

So here we were, and in a way, it was really cool. She and I were laughing at the irony of the situation. And how completely fucked up it was. In a way, it would’ve been taboo (therefore a turn on) if I’d gotten with her. But it would’ve been really weird to even go see her and then see her daughter there.

So we just laughed and said goodbye. She’d call me sometime and we could meet up for a drink or something. We both still enjoyed our conversations.

Although it didn’t turn out the way I really wanted, it still was great. She didn’t freak out. We both saw the humor in the situation and went with it.

Maturity… nothing like it.

ethicalsluts4u 55M/52F
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6/9/2006 9:41 pm

Surprised at your own maturity. Have to keep you away from my own daughters.

Whitewashd replies on 6/10/2006 12:17 am:
hahaha. seeing that you're across the country, i think we can say your daughters are safe!

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