how should i act?  

Whitewashd 36M
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12/8/2005 2:43 pm

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how should i act?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything sexual. The reason? Simply that I just haven’t had anything sexual in a while to talk about. LOL, I can only talk about the “Good ‘ol days” where I was really fit and really sociable. Now, I hate the bar scene. I hate superficial people (which takes out a good chunk of the single population the South Bay). Not to mention, my self-esteem dropped when I gained my little belly. Time of the gym!

Someone asked me in an email what kind of guy I am. Am I rough or am I gentle? I really have to say it depends on the girl. I tend to naturally be a gentle and romantic kind of guy. I don’t like pushing things too far and being rough while straddling the line of abusive.

When a girl likes for me to talk dirty, it takes me a while to get comfortable. Does she like hearing the whole, “Suck my cock, you slut!” thing? When she said she wants me to take advantage of her and be rough, does she want me to pull her hair while I fuck her? How hard does she want me to slap her ass?

In most aspects of my life, I’m pretty cautious and boring. I used to be wild and exciting. But I got burnt out of the social life and I joke with my friends that I’ve become an old man. So I don’t push boundaries unless I know its okay.

I stick with caresses and pleasuring girls when I don’t know how they are. I know some women like it when a guy is rough and just DOES it without her having to tell him. That’s one of my negatives. The most that I do spontaneously that’s semi-rough is push them to a wall, make out with them then bend them over something, pull down their pants or push up their skirt and eat them out then fuck them.

One thing I hate about random sex, is that you don’t get that REALLY good intimacy of knowing someone. While I don’t need to LOVE the person, I do love it when I know them as a friend or a good friend and you can just languish around and then get passionate and fuck the shit out of each other. Something about cuddling with each other, running your hands up and down their body in a non-sexual manner, which fast becomes completely sexual act. Then sharing a deep kiss, which leads to me kissing and sucking up and down her body.

I’m a very romantic guy. LOL, sometimes, I don’t like talking about dates and stuff with my guy friends, for fear of being perceived as a softy. I get off on the flowers, candles and shit. I love cuddling and talking.

While I can definitely go for no-strings attached sex and rough and tumble fucks, I prefer a nice and passionate sex that doesn’t have to involve handcuffs and toys. And let me make it clear, I do like handcuffs and toys. But I don’t need that to get pleasure.

There’s been many times where I’ve reduced a girl into a quivering mass of post-orgasmic flesh when fucking her while using a toy at the same time. Or just using a toy. I love giving a girl one of those vibrating dildos that have the shaft that rotates and has that kind bumpy texture and has an additional protrusion that’s at the base that acts as a vibrator for the clit.

Good times!

RodTender 46M
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12/8/2005 4:15 pm

When in doubt, sexy lady, remember this acronym as a rule of thumb: "W.W.R.T.D.?" (i.e., what would Rod Tender do?).

Whitewashd 36M

12/8/2005 5:57 pm

am i understanding the past comment wrong? sexy lady? did you happen to realize i'm a GUY? and who the fuck is rod tender?

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