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1/23/2006 3:01 pm

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about anything sexual. But hell, I was DEFINITELY feeling sexual on Saturday night.

One of my old frat bros convinced me to go out to bar with him. Some of you know that I’m WAY over the bar thing. I act like an old man, these days. But I figured, “what the hell”.

We decided to head over to a little hole in the wall bar. I’d consider it a dive bar. But I love those types of bars, because it’s not about being seen. It’s there for you to have fun and just relax.

He started talking to this girl that I just thought was completely unattractive. She had the big bug-eyes sunglasses on (score: Love - 15). You know those ones that cover half the face? Those are the MOST annoying sunglasses ever. The hottest girl in the world can wear them, and she’d be fucking turn off to me. Not to mention, she’s wearing these INDOORS (score: Love - 30). At NIGHT. (score: Love ‒ 40). And to top it off, she had this kinda sneer/scrutched up expression on her face all the time (Game, Set, Match). She may not have actually been sneering the whole time. But she definitely didn’t look attractive.

But hey. I guess she was biting, so Brian was up for it. In all fairness, she wasn’t as unattractive as I probably portray her. But she had that haughty “look down your nose” kinda vibe to her. She definitely thought she was hot.

So I was sitting there just watching and laughing. I guess I had that “amused distaste” look on my face. This made a girl next to me laugh. Apparently she thought the same thing and we started making fun of that girl.

We got to talking and got along very well. I loved her sarcastic humor. Perfect match for me. The only problem was that she was visiting her friends and was only going to be here for another day. She was flying back to Florida on Sunday.

We ended up deciding to take a walk along the Strand (boardwalk running from Redondo Beach up through Manhattan and probably longer… I dunno, since I stop at Manhattan Beach). It was pretty innocent. I think we were both extremely shy. After a bit, out hands found each other and we held hands. She leaned in when we reached Manhattan’s pier and I put my arm around her. Then that progressed into hugging.

If you don’t know, I’m EXTREMELY shy. It’s hard for me to make the first move.

She looked down at me (lol, EVERY girl has to look down at me. at 5’3”, I’m a shorty) and we kissed. It went from a nice, sweet kiss to a “I wanna shove my tongue down your throat and then find somewhere to fuck the shit out of you.”

Her ass felt so good in my hands. A nice small one that I could cup and really grab a hold of. Our crotches were grinding against each other. Man, I wanted to be insider her so bad!

She pulled back and said that she wanted me, but didn’t want a one-night stand. I understood. I didn’t want her to comprise herself and just have a fuck for the night and never see her again. I mean, I wanted her, but I wasn’t about to try and talk her into it. I completely respected her desire.

So we just went back to her friend’s house and talked and made out. We did end up dry humping, which made her cum. It was one of those soft orgasms. Not an earthshaking one. But it was an orgasm. I had thought about fingering her, but I wasn’t sure if that was okay, and she made not signal to show she wanted it, so I just kept with what I was doing.

When I got home the next morning, I had to masturbate like CRAZY! I’m still horny.

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