ahh, Halloween good-times  

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10/31/2005 3:05 pm

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ahh, Halloween good-times

Hmmmm, Halloween. Good memories.

A couple years ago, when I was with this extra-kinky girlfriend, Stacy, I had a quite fun/pleasurable time. It was Halloween and we were at a party. Those of you who’ve read my old posts know that Stacy and I fooled around with her roommate, Kristen. An odd story of how that started, to say the least. That’s a story for a different time…

So Kristen, Stacy and I went to a party of an old Frat brother of mine’s. Of course, we went all out and dressed up. I went as a boring Tarzan (lol, I still had muscles and an athletic body back that… ohhhh, how I miss those days. Hahaha). Stacy was a slutty Swedish Shepard girl and Kristen was this gothy renaissance girl in a corset. Both were stunning. I had a serious ego that the two of them were on my arm that night.

They teased me on the way there with Kristen giving me a little road-head. She never got fully into it. They were seriously teasing me.

So we get there and hanging out like usual. There was an abnormal amount of people there so it was easy to loose track of each other. Well, I was getting horny seeing all the lovely girls there. Come on, you know Halloween. An perfect chance for girls to get really slutty-looking. So I saw Stacy and went up behind her and put my arms around her and ground my hard-on into her ass. She turned around and I was shocked. It was Kristen.

One thing about Kristen and Stacy is that they both have very similar bodies. Their faces were different, but the bodies were VERY close.

Kristen grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers and we made out for a bit. She pulled back and just grinned. So I asked what was going on. She said that the two of them came up with the idea to play with me and switch between costumes. Interesting…

The rest of the night, I’d get grabbed and turned around and I never knew which one was who unless I looked at their faces. Finally, Stacy couldn’t take it later, and pulled me into a walk-in closet in a room (the room had no door), locked the door, pushed me down on my back, lifted my loincloth and sat down on my cock. She had the Swedish girl costume back on, so the skirt was perfect. Nice and short so it didn’t get in the way. She rode me for a while and came twice. Then she lifted up and moved a bit and let me slide into her ass. I just lay there the whole time enjoying. I tried to play with her, but she kept holding my hands down. I could’ve overpowered her, but she seemed to be having fun overpowering me, so I let it happen. Just when she came with me in her ass, I was about to cum. But she pulled off me. I was shocked and she just laughed and said, “Now you need to fuck Kristen. She’ll get you off. It wouldn’t be nice if I hogged you, tonight.” I just growled playfully and swatted her ass.

I went to the bathroom to wash off my cock and went in search of Kristen. I found my little Goth girl, only to find that when I turned her around, it was Stacy smiling at me. I was so frustrated! I set off again to search for Kristen, wondering if they’d find each other and mess with me again. I found the Swedish girl, and to my relief, it was Kristen. She grinned and pulled me away. We went into the garage and got inside my friend’s Tahoe.

She pulled her skirt up, took off her panties and told me to fuck her hard. I ignored her and ate her a bit. She loosened up her corset and let her breasts out and played with them while I ate her to orgasm. After the second cum, I slid into her and started fucking her hard. I pulled her legs over my shoulder and arm and loved seeing her shoes fly with my pounding. I never really understood the whole fetish of the girl having shoes on while you fuck her. But this one time, it was hot.

After she came, I was going to cum and she told me to cum on her tits. I wasn’t sure how she was going to hide it, but I did what she wanted. I came less than normal, as I had just cum in my girlfriend’s ass about 15 minutes before. She just rubbed it in. She just smiled and said she might ask some guy to do some body shots off the tops of her breasts. I just laughed and said that she was mean. Funny, though.

The rest of the night, we just teased each other.

But when we got back to their apartment, we fucked all night. Lol, we even kept most of the clothes on to do a little Halloween role-play.

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