Things that go "bump" in the night...  

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6/23/2005 9:01 pm

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Things that go "bump" in the night...

So last night, I woke up from some weird noises coming from the next door. See, it’s been pretty warm at my house, so I’ve left my window open in my room. Coming from across the backyard was some weird noises. So I grabbed my airsoft gun (since weird noises tend to be opossums. I shoot’m with the airsoft gun and they’ll run away… I swear, you’d think you’d find skunks, opossums, and peacocks somewhere ELSE, not in the South Bay!) and went out into the back yard. It took me a minute to figure out where it was coming from, and realized it was from the neighbors back yard. So I climbed up on the wall to take a look.

And then I saw it, the teenage daughter was screwing her boyfriend. Her bedroom is right up against the wall. God, it was hot. She was riding him, and she was going NUTS. She’s a hot little girl. Too bad she’s 15. WAY too young for me. Well, I watched for a bit, then felt a little ashamed, since I used to play catch with her when she was 10. Felt kinda weird. We don’t talk anymore. My neighborhood’s a very… untrusting rich people. Everyone thinks the other people are backstabbers. So everyone walks around with fake smiles. Very annoying.

Anyway, so I went back inside, completely turned on. I fell asleep a little while later, but woke up to tapping on my window. It was her. She came to beg me not to tell her parents. Apparently, she saw me in her mirror. I teased her and asked, “so did you have fun?” in a total deadpan tone. She looked at me funny, then laughed and said, “just a LITTLE.” Then we both cracked up. Then she started to tease me.

She was saying the things she did with her boyfriend and asked if I’d like that too. God, that girl was SEDUCTIVE for a 15 year old. DAMN.

Needless to say, I had to tell her to go home or else I’d tell her parents. I could hear her laughing softly as she disappeared. That’s when I had to masturbate. God, masturbating is getting so OLD!

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