I'm hornier than ever  

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9/10/2005 2:04 pm

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I'm hornier than ever

This post is a bit long...

So I’ve gotten quite a bit of emails for me to post a sexual post. It HAS been a long time, now that I think about it. I’ll have to talk about this girl I met 2 weeks ago. It was under somewhat odd circumstances, but highly pleasurable.

My ex-girlfriend, Stacy (lol, she’s the only one I don’t care about if I use her real name… she’s psycho), has a lot of friends. Stacy was the type of girl that didn’t really understand propriety or when to keep her mouth shut. So she blabbed to her friends 24/7 about our sex life.

Now, anyone who’s read my xanga knows that I do NOT feel that I’m amazing or spectacular in bed. But I DO make sure my girlfriend or fuck-buddy is satisfied. And Stacy and I had a nymphomaniac’s dream of a sexual relationship. LOL, in many aspects, that’s ALL our relationship was about.

Between her constantly telling her friends about our “amazing sex life” (her words) and public knowledge that I kept both her and her roommate satisfied, I had a reputation. If you want to know more about Stacy and her roommate, “Kristen,” and how I got to have that awesome “arrangement,” you can look at some of my oldest posts… I think there’s some shit there that I wrote.

So I ran into one of her old friends. We’ll call her “Callie.” I was playing a show at a bar and was having a really great time on stage. When I came off, I saw Callie. I was surprised, as she lives in Fullerton and we were up here in the Hermosa Beach. Apparently her friend dragged her up here to provide backup when the friend met a guy. So she was flying solo. I always thought she was cool to talk to, so I made sure I stayed with her. I know what it’s like to be alone at a bar.

Anyway, we both kinda wanted to get out of there, as we both never really liked bars. She told her friend that I’d take her home and then we left. Neither of us had drank anything, so we didn’t have any problems getting up the steps to the parking structure, unlike a hilarious couple that kept stumbling. Hahaha.

I open up the door for her, and as she’s getting into my truck, she smirks and holds the back of her skirt. She said, “going commando, don’t want to give you an eyeful.” My mouth dropped open. So I asked her, “why’re you going commando?” And she just shrugged and said she wasn’t sure. She joked with me and said, “I know you go commando! So I know it doesn’t bother you.”

I was just surprised, as she never really seemed like the commando type of girl. Let alone, a skirt and commando. Love it!

I think that’s when I started thinking sexual thoughts. I took a good look at her, and realized how hot she looked. I never took her off the “Do not look” list when I was going out with Stacy, so I had never changed my mentality. And damn, she was HOT. But I knew I never had a chance. This girl was just ultra-cool and hot. The type where you go, “she could have any guy she wanted…”
We were both joking around and still wide awake, so she asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her. We were going to go to her house, but her parents were home and probably wouldn’t like a strange guy over, so we headed over to my place. My roommates in the house were either gone or being hermits in their rooms, so we would be bothered. Perfect.

I didn’t honestly think anything would happen. But a guy can dream, right?

So we go to my room and I tell her to pick out a DVD. She said, “Oh, I never saw some of these episodes of Firefly.” LOL, a woman after my own heart! If you don’t know (lol, or if you even CARE), it’s a show that’s a scifi space-western theme. Sounds weird, but it actually worked. It was about the characters, not special effects. And there are no aliens, so it’s not gimmicky.

Anyway, we settle down to watching it, and she instantly cuddles up to me. I love cuddling, so I had no problems. But then, all I could think about was how thin her skirt was and wondering if she shaved her pubic hair or not. Then I started fantasizing about eating her out. She’s a beautiful girl, so I would just worship her body.

Now, if you’ve ever seen pics of me, you’d know I’m not an attractive guy. I’ve packed on some weight in the last year, so I’ve got a gut. So I knew she wasn’t attracted to me.

Needless to say, I didn’t even realize my cock was hard and pressing against her leg. She looked at me, rolled a little bit and pulled my far-side arm over her so we were spooning. Then she started grinding her ass back on my cock.

Santa Claus came and dropped off a present to the wrong and naughty boy.

And I wasn’t going to tell!

So I started lightly kissing her neck, up to her ears and then back down. My hand drifted under her shirt up to her breasts and massaged them. She just whispered, “Tell me what to do. I like it when you tell me what to do.” I reached down and started playing with her clit and pussy and told her to play with me. She reached behind herself and slid her hand under my pants to grab me.

She slowly massaged my dick while she softly moaned with her head arched back from me pleasuring her with my hand in her pussy and my lips nibbling along her neck. I rolled her over so I could kiss her and cupped her ass with my hand. We kissed deeply and she started unzipping my pants. She whispered, “Do you want me to go down on you?”

LOL, anyone who knows me knows that I’m usually going down on the girl, but I never receive oral back. So I just nodded my head, and she said, “Tell me. I want you to tell me what you want me to do.”

I’ve never really been comfortable with being a dominant sexual partner. I’ve been more into the equal partner feel. But I was game for it.

I told her to “suck my cock” feeling COMPLETELY self-conscious. But her eyes lit up and she just game me this “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you” look. She pulled off her shirt, and ran breasts along my chest and took me in her mouth.

MAN, this girl knew how to give a guy a blowjob. She knew to run her tongue along the shaft, then take the head in her mouth and then slowly engulf the rest of it. She’d open up her throat to deep throat me and play with my balls. Then she’d jack me off, move my dick forward and would lick and suck on my balls. She loved the fact that I shave my pubic hair off.

I’m not used to receiving oral sex, and I felt sort of selfish, so I tried to pull her off my cock, but she refused. She said she loved sucking my cock. So just enjoyed it. I DID tell her that I wouldn’t be able to cum from her sucking my cock. She just grinned and said, “good. I love going down on a guy for a long time.”

So I said in a somewhat stern voice, “Turn around and put your cunt on my face. YOU will let me make you cum while you suck my cock.” Again, I was uncomfortable, so I started cracking up, which made her crack up. In a sarcastic tone, she said, “Yes, SIR!”

So I shot back with a, “Better watch that tone, or I’ll have to punish you.” She just smirked.

Anyway, so we were 69ing and I did my best to eat her out. I swear, she’s a miracle worker on my dick. I made her cum once with my tongue and fingers, then I told her to get off. I figured she liked being dominated and like rough sex, so I pushed her down hard on her back and dove down and ate her to another orgasm.

Then I moved up on her and started fucking her hard. She just moan and grunted along and held on tightly. I moved her legs up onto my shoulders and pounded into her. I made sure to angle my thrusts so that the top of my dick would run along her clit. But when you’re fucking a beautiful girl and you’re going at it really hard, it’s not easy to concentrate.

Unfortunately, it’s been a LONG time since I had had sex, and it got to me. I came within 15 to 20 minutes of when I got on top and started fucking her. I asked her if she wanted me to pull out, and she just moaned and told me to cum on her. Most of the girls I’ve been with don’t like that, with the exception of 2. Well, Callie loved it.

She’s a kinky bitch. Hahaha.

Anyway, you know me… I felt guilty she hadn’t cum yet, so I dropped down and started eating her out. Of course, I had to clean off my cum of her tits first. J Thank god I have that box of Kleenix Tissue on my nightstand.
After that, I just held her and we went to sleep. It was about 2am at that time, and we’d both been up really early.

I woke up to her sucking me. GOD, that’s a wonderful way to wake up. After a little bit, I told her to get on top and ride me. And we just talked and joked as she was slowly riding me. She asked me why I was so uncomfortable with “commanding” her. I told her that I never wanted to “command” anyone or be bossy. She told me to just let loose with her, sexually. We came up with the theory that she’s so self-confident and in control in her normal life, that she likes someone to take control of her.

So for the rest of the weekend, I controlled her. I walked the fine line of control, domination and outright humiliation. THAT, I just can’t do. I can’t humiliate someone or outright treat them like shit.

So all weekend, I’d be watching TV and she’d suck my cock. We went out to lunch and I made her come into the bathroom with me and I ate her out. I’d bend her over my desk and fuck the shit out of her. I woke her up eating her out the next day, then had her ride me for a while as I watched TV. I tied her up, and teased her then fucked her.

As a reward for being so good to me and sucking my cock so much (it’s a rare treat for me), I ate her out nonstop for about an hour on Sunday night. Then she and I fucked like rabbits the rest of the night.

She was leaving on Monday to go back to school in Michigan, so we must have subconsciously decided to fuck as much as possible.

What she dropped on me was that she had a boyfriend, but they were “separated.” And I guess she was really into him, but he wasn’t reciprocating it back. So she said I showed her that she didn’t have put up with him. I didn’t mind it, but if I had known that she had a boyfriend, even if they were on a break, I might not have done anything.

She joked that she’d tell all her friends, and maybe one of her friends would get curious enough and come fuck me too, like she did from hearing so much from Stacy about me. LOL. My very own fanbase and advertising!

All in all, a GREAT weekend. Awesome sex that was soft, hard, rough, gentle and kinky.

Shows me what I’ve been missing for so long! God help the next girl I have sex with. I’m gonna wear her out!!! Hahaha.

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