*sigh* memories...  

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4/15/2005 3:38 pm

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*sigh* memories...

so i was thinking... i remeber the first time i had an encounter with "kayla".

we had a mutual friend that was more of an aquantence (on both her part and mine). i happened to be at a little get-together with our mutual friend. anyway, i was feeling a bit confident that night (i'm SOOOO not that way, usually) and i was looking around the appartment/condo. I saw kayla, and i thought, "damn, she's cute and she seems nice. gorgeous smile." I tend to be REALLY attracted to the subtle, beautiful girls. I mean, model-looking girls are gorgeous too, but something about that low-maintenence really appeals to me.

anyway, she was looking around and we made eye contact. I shied away, since i'm not good with that sort of thing. she walked right over to me and said hello. that made my confidence soar.

we started talking and what-not. at that time, it was getting a bit hot inside, so we decided to go for a walk. we ended up walking down the street, which her house was down. She asked if i wanted to see her place. at that time, i didn't think ANYTHING would happen.

when we got in, i was impressed. a nice, clean appartment. we sat down and just talked. then she mentioned that she had a cramp in her shoulder in the way she was sitting. Since my friends love my massages (which i don't think i'm all that good at), i offered.

as i was massaging her, she kept letting her head fall back and just completely relaxing. then her breathing slowed, and i could tell she was getting aroused. I didn't even think... i just leaned down and kissed her neck. i was shocked at myself. but she moaned, and leaned back.

my hands dropped and i wrapped my arms around her and kept kissing her neck and up to her ear. she reached behind, and grabbed at my dick. at that point, i knew it was going to happen. so i went with it.

we got off the couch and endressed each other quickly. then i knelt down and pushed her legs apart a little and started licking her pussy. she grabbed my shoulders for balance and just rode out her orgasm. it was so easy and quick, it surprised me.

then she slipped down and we lay there just kissing and caressing. she rose up on me, making sure my dick rubbed her face, neck, between her tits, her stomach, then slid on her pussy for a bit.

then she rose up and dropped on me. she moaned so loud. then she started riding me. it usually takes me a long time to cum that way. but that was okay, i love having the girl on top. i played with her tits, sucked them, and fondled them.

i don't know how long she rode me, but she had 4 small cums. then i rolled her over and just started fucking her hard. after down that for a little (probably only 30 secs), i pulled out and went down to eat her some more. i decided to be a little adventurous, so i played with her ass a little. when i rubbed her other hole, she moaned harder. So i slipped a finger up her, slowly. she pulled my head hard into her and she came again.

i rose up and slipped into her again. i pulled her legs up to my shoulders and fucked her harder. she came again, then asked me to pull out. i was a bit confused, until she turned around and reached back. as she pulled me to her, i was expecting to meet her cunt, but she pulled me to her ass!

i told her to wait, because i needed to get into her and lube up my cock. then i placed myself to her asshole, and slowly pushed in. I went slowly, and just let her relax and get used to me. when i was finally in all the way, she moaned and told me i was her first anal.

i was proud. whenever a girl and i have tried anal, i've never had her scream in pain and she's always enjoyed it. i think it's because i don't get too excited and push in too hard or fast.

anyway, i stayed that way for a while, until she started to move. then i slowly pulled in and out. then, she started getting REALLY into it, then i just started to fuck her harder and harder.

surprisingly, she came without any other stimulation, and that made me finally cum too. we lay there for a bit, she seemed extremely out of it. i got up and washed myself off in her bathroom.

when i came back, she was till laying there, out of commission. i lay down next to her and pulled her to me.

then she starting kissing me again. then we fucked again. we ended up fucking most of the night, even when her roommate came home with HER boyfriend. luckily, by then, we were in kayla's room. but that didn't stop us from making LOTS of noise.

it was so good, that i woke her up by eating her again, and then fucking her slowly when she was fully awake. we fucked nice and slowly, just enjoying how good it felt. Then we took a shower. i ended up eating her again, fucking her while she was sitting down (she had one of those showers that had a little bench built into one side). then she turned around and soaped up my cock and asked me to clean out her ass with my cock. that made me laugh so hard, since she said that with a straight face.

we ended up being fuck buddies for a couple months, until she met a guy. i was bummed, because we had good sex, but seeing them happy, was really nice. the cool thing, was that the guy found out by accident from another friend, but was really cool with me. he could tell that i'm not the kind of guy that would create trouble and i could go into being a plutonic friend.

they ended up breaking up, but we lost touch. ever since then, i only see/talk to her 2 or 3 times a year now.

i've since found out that ever since then, she's tried anal with other guys, but they hurted her! she says she sometimes misses me and my cock. but every time i talk to her, she's with a new boyfriend. damn.

i need a fuck buddy. who else? hahaha

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