We are here...  

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5/28/2006 8:18 pm
We are here...

"And who now? Will I never be able to sleep? I drift away and someone new appears. A silly princess who is never satisfied, one who claims she is my daughter, and one who wants pain. Wizard that I am, if I could transfer the pain out of these old bones to your young frame, I would willingly give you all the pain you want."

"But we are new"

"We don't want pain."

"We don't want you to feel pain either. Or loneliness, or sadness."

"We just want to play."

"Want to play? What kind of apparition are you? I can't even tell how many there are. Is it one... or three...?"

"You don't know yet. In how many ways can you play is our number."

"And what if I can't play at all. It's been a long time since I was a child."

"Oh, you needn't be a child to play with us. In fact, you can't play with us if you are a child. It is not allowed. But a pretend child, yes."

"And a pretend whatever else you want."

"Well, what I want in the middle of the night is to sleep. But WHAT DREAMS MAY COME...!"

"No wet dreams may cum. giggle... giggle...
You have a whey with words..."

"Curds with your whey with words. Let me sleep."

"Perchance to dream. Aye. There's the rub."

"For in this sleep of death What Dreams May Come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil may give us pause. I'm a wizard. I know Shakespeare."

"Oh, we've always wanted to met him."



"He is not here. Now..."

"Now follow us."

"Where am I?"

"A bed with long lithe legs lifting longingly..."

"A bathroom... a shower... private things in a private place..."

"A large table. Green lace and skin make you begin..."

"The wetness is sweet."

"The skin is so soft."

"The sight is so... desired."

"Do you feel it? The excitement mounts. The tension sores. A friendship comes... and then adores..."

"All right, you have taken me to another place, apparitions. But what do you want of me?"


"I give in!"

"Wet dreams may cum!!!!"

twirly_girl 47F

5/31/2006 8:55 pm



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