The Change (interim)  

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2/27/2006 6:25 pm

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The Change (interim)

That was long ago now, or only in his imagination if at all. The Prince would prevail of course. Princes always do. And it would be a happy tale in the end, as everyone expects, because that is the way of such a story. But the wizard knew that there would come a time when powers would fail and he would lose both the strength of his imagination and the strength of his magick. But not yet. Not today. Today he would gather his robe and grasp his staff and stride long upon the field in moonlight. And the young maiden, so wet with cold dew matting her wispy dress to her floating form, would appear at his side.

"Have you ever just thought you needed to talk to somebody... somebody that you just saw standing there... and somehow it just seems fitting and right to ask...." Her voice trailed uncertainly.

He looked at her with amusement, a tiny smile hidden beneath his ample beard, and, yes, almost an embarassment. He was old and this was not a common occurance for him.

And yet his mind's eye was transfixed by her vulnerability and her beauty, her very weaknesses becoming her strength. He was drawn beyond his own powers, and he stretch out his robes and enveloped her shivering softness into his own flesh. For a moment they were ONE. Others would not see it so, but the TWO would remember this night of magick beneath a frosted moon.

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