If I only were a Dom...  

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5/7/2006 4:53 pm

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If I only were a Dom...

I'd be such a cunning fella
Ev'ry dame my cinderella
If I only were a Dom...

"Merlin! Who's at the door in the middle of the night?"

"Who do think, Wise Wiz? It's me, the Princess. Let me in."

"Oh my back? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be ..."

"With that damn stickin' orgre? You gotta be kidding. But don't worry, I learned my lesson"

"So you are returning to the Prince. He will be so relieved..."

"Relieve this, Mr. Wizard. No way am I going back to Mr. Princesqueek. In fact, I don't want to be a Princess anymore. I want to be your slave."

"Ho, ho, ha... say again? I thought you said..."

"You heard right, Wizzy Pooh, I mean Lord, Sir, Daddy, Grandfather."

"And just what are you going to do as my, uh, slave?"

"Anything you desire, Master. Why don't I just bend over and..."

"Wait, wait. Now it's the middle of the night. And I'm old. And I've got spells to complete this morning, and..."

"Anything you wish, Your Wizardry. All you have to do is take me."

"But what about the Prince?"

"He'll have to have Sir's permission if he wants to play. This slave could put on a show for You, Sir, with the chambermaid?"

"You are the Princess. And this is not my way."

"If Sir does not take this former princess for his own, then this girl will just have to find One who will. The Black Knight, now He is worthy..."

"The Black Knight conspires with The Dark Side. What if he wants you to become slave to the Emperor. Would you do that?"

"This concubine will do whatever she is told. Too bad for you, Wiz. You could have had me."

"You have made me very sad, my dear."

"You were willing to give me to the Ogre."

"That was just a lesson."

"Well, who's learning the lesson now, Wizlooser?"

"I don't know, my dear. Not yet."

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