Another dream...  

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6/11/2006 10:54 am
Another dream...

"ANAD. Yes, another night, another dream. Why should I be surprised? Who beckons now?"

"What do you see?"

"I see nothing. I am asleep. I am old. My magick is failing..."

"Not so, kind wizard. Your magick is strong. You need me, and so I am here."

"And who are you?"

"Open your eyes."

"It is dark. Shadows within shadows. Monochrome. Except... what are these... bright colors? The colors are upon me. They seem to grow around me... almost grow into me. Are they within, or without?"

"They are both. They have grown from within you, and once known, they surround you and hold you within their grasp."

"Yes, yes they do. How can that be? I am restrained and yet I move freely."

"Such is their power. To hold you tight and thus make you free."

"They are... rope? Cord? Tendrils? What is their material? Oh blessed merlin! They seem to be..."

"Yes, they are alive. The life you have given them."

"What do they want of me?"

"Not of you, but you of them. You want them to serve you. Yes, these ropes bring you life, and take to you other lands. They give you hope, health, happiness. They arouse your senses, strengthen your desire, satisfy your needs, strengthen your spirit. And make you strong."

"How can they make me strong? I cannot escape."

"Of course you can escape. But do you want to?"

"Why, no. No, I don't. I want to remain within them."

"And they within you. You are symbiots now."

"What are all these sensations? There are colors, yes, but more..."

"They are messages in your mind. All these sensations are felt there. They have no other life but there."

"My mind is very varied then. They make me laugh and cry, hurt and heal, such passion, and such comfort."

"And so you know yourself, more so, more full, more as you wish it."

"Why, yes, yes I do. I see myself now, lying on this bed. What a strange position, wrapped in this cocoon. Awaiting...what?"

"You await your challenge, and your fulfillment. Your goal, and your accomplishment."

"It is all too complex, too intricate. Ah, but the life I feel, the life is real..."

"It is yours. There on the bed, and here watching you, and there..."

"Who comes there now?"

"She who is thee, who is thine, who is ... the keeper of the rope, the giver of your magick.
The teacher, the mentor, and with her, the lover who shares..."

"I see them now. They are so bright with fire, and so... wet with passion. Fire and water."

"Meet with thine own Earth and Air."

"Fire and Water.
Earth and Air.
Bound sure by bonds
Of flaming hair."

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