Love Unspoken  

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12/12/2005 12:41 pm

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Love Unspoken

He tells me that he loves me
But is it really true?
He doesn't let his feelings show
Does he even know what to do?

The feelings of love he never shares
Are they meant to be spoken
Through his silent glares?

Our conversations are cold
And our passion very hot
He doesn't know how to talk to me
But he knows my every spot

When it's time for discussion
To him it's like a hassle
Yet in the privacy of a bedroom
I am queen of the castle

He lays me down on roses
And never says a word
Grunting and panting
Is all that can be heard

His body hovers over me
Like a protective shield
He soon becomes penicillan
And my body needs to be healed

His body is between my legs
His hip bones in my thighs
I can feel his manhood
Stifly begin to rise

All day long
He has thought about this
His hunger for me
Is revealed in his kiss

For a man who never has
Anything to say
He suddenly talks my head of
It just had to be done his way

In this coversation
I know he aims to please
My body starts to shiver
As I feel him begin to tease

He barely slides the head in
Then slowly pulls it out
Maybe I could get more
If he could see me pout

What is this moisture
That I feel?
Am I so wet
Because he popped the seal?

He slams himself into me
Letting me know he is strong
His member is the perfect size
It is extra thick, but not too long

The moans and screams
Escape my throat
There is so much passion flowing from me
Our bodies begin to float

We swim in a sea
Formed by sexual bliss
Isn't it awesome how all this happened
As result of a hormone powered kiss

His hands touch my body
In a way I've never known
All those feelings I thought were false
Are finally being shown

I no longer want to question
If his love is true
He may not know how to talk to me,
But in the bedroom he knows just what to do

All of the beautiful words I dreamed of
But never ever heard
Came from a talkative man
Who never said a word


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