Goodnight Kiss  

WetNWY 38M/38F
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12/12/2005 1:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Goodnight Kiss

I can feel him breathing
Breathing down my chest
The heat passes through my cleavage
And suffocates my breasts

I feel him leaning into me
Searching for my lips
I feel his strong but gentle hands
Grab onto my hips

He kisses me very slowly
Wanting to take his time
There is no doubt he wants me
So the decision now is mine

Do I let him close to me tonight
Should we go all the way
Is this just a one night stand
Or is he here to stay

Should I tell him to 'take me'
It's what I really want to say
It has been such a long time
Since I have felt this way

I feel his kiss flow through me
It goes straight to my toes
I want him to come inside tonight
I wonder if he knows

Would we make it to my bedroom
Or barely through the door
Do we want the comfy couch tonight
Or just roll on the floor

He moves his mouth down to my neck
Licking and kissing
Much more than a peck

If we laid on the floor
what would we do
I wonder if he has planned
all of his moves

Would he take the time to unbutton
my shirt
Would he run his fingertips up
my skirt

Would he spread my legs
Exposing my thighs
And burry his face deep inside

Would he lick my clit
Until I cum
Letting my juices
Run down his tongue

Would I pull him to my mouth
Just to get a taste
Of those sweet juices
I don't want to go to waste

Would I get a turn
To show him my skills
Covering his body
In sexual chills

Would it excite him
For me to go down south
Taking all of his member
Deep into my mouth

Would I suck and stroke
Until I could feel him squirm
Would he fill my mouth
With all of his sperm

Would I be a real woman
Who will swallow and not spit
Once oral sex is over
Will that be it

Would he want to make love
Maybe even say 'please'
Or would he be rough tonight
Putting me on my hands and knees

Would he be gentle
Or would he go real fast
Would he slowly caress my back
Or smack me on my ass

Would he pace himself
By doing slow strides
Would he lean up and whisper
'I want you to ride'

Would I straddle his member
Without even thinking
Would I look deep into his eyes
Without even blinking

Would my body get hot
And begin to sweat
Would I glide up and down easily
From being so wet

Would it be so good
I would say his name
Would it be so good
That he quickly came

Would he sleepover tonight
And go for round two
The answers to these questions
I wish to God I knew

This kiss is almost over
I still don't know what to say
Do I let him just go home tonight
Dare I ask him to stay

His grip on my body, now,
Is so much more tight
Could this be it
Is the timing right

Have I over analyzed this kiss
Were there subtle hints
That I might have missed

Does he even want to come inside
Or get back in his car
And drive

Back to his home
Where he lives alone
And check the messages
On his phone

Lying there in bed tonight
Will he stay up late
Playing all of the events
Of tonights date

I guess I will never know my answers
If I never ask
Oh my God I hesitated
Now the moment has passed

As I unlock the door
I bid him 'Goodnight'
I think to myself
'Tonight was not the night'


wombat_ 48M

12/12/2005 1:42 pm

Powerful words....


SirMounts 102M

5/8/2006 8:58 am

That is a sensitive, insightful, and beautiful poem.
Thank you for that, WetNWY. *smiling*

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