Black ''snip''  

Westhill19 53M
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5/4/2006 11:09 am
Black ''snip''

You dream,as a male of this scenario,lol.
Pre-operative examination,consultant arrives in examination room,asks ''do you mind if a student is in attendance today ?''
Errrrrrrrrr,noooooooooooooooooooo,I reply worriedly.
End of worry,it's not another man,lol.
In walks the beautiful,female,teenage student mmmmmmmmmm.
''Remove lower clothing please'' says mr consultant.
No fucking problem thinks I,looking forward to the touch of this fair maiden,lol.
Only there is a problem !!
My cock has decided to go into ''stealth mode'' at this critical moment,shit.
Blush from her,as miss student is asked to prod the appropriate areas of my anatomy in the interest of medicinal learning.
Bigger blush from me as that bastard of a cock of mine which SHOULD,under normal circumstances have been straining at the leash,was trying its best to hide.
VERY unimpressive and a nice story for her to share with her mates over drinks in the evening,bitch,lol.

To the day of the procedure,blushing moment two,lol.
Lying awaiting the knife,I am asked by mr consultant ''And has one shaved ?''
Thereby follows an embarrassing 10 minutes of testicle shaving in front of three or four ( I was too scared to look ) theater staff,all female of course.
I could swear I heard ''tittering'' as I lay with my eyes fixed firmly on the overhead light,bastards,lol.

Thereafter the procedure,yes here's the point at last lol,followed the aforementioned black balls and stitches,ouch !!

Oh,and on a final note,why are the specimen containers so fucking small for wanking into for the later samples ?
Or,perhaps they are custom made,after the initial examination,lol hahahahahaha.
Take it easy...

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