The crush  

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2/11/2006 2:07 pm

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The crush

I went to the semi-local grocery store to get some sauce for spagetti. Pasta has become all major food groups in my meal planning lately, mainly because it is so dang cheap, and I make the stuff really good like.

Anyhoo. There's this check-out girl at this store (I purposely went to that store, partially cause I was near there at the time, mostly cause I wanted to see her,) and I have got a huge crush on this girl.

I've had a moment of titillating eye contact with her before, and I guess that's all it took. Her eyes are like two black holes that just suck you in, I was locked in this moment for waaaay to long for the casual eye contact.

We were locked in this stare-down, both of us refusing to break off, untill I gave my smirky-sexy grin, and she just smiled and finally broke away. And so I was sucked in to going two miles out of my way to see if she's working whenever I want some tasty treats.

It seems like she's always working, always on call to satisfy my crush-laden desires. {sigh}

She was working today, but when I was going to check-out, she had a humongous line in front of her register. I pondered for a moment if I should just walk around for awhile, but I was pretty hungry and anxious to get to making some el cheapo tasty goods. So I went to the express lane instead.

In the express lane I'm half-watching the express line with one eye, and with the other eye, filling it up with the check-out girl. And then, she turns around and, wait for it, wait for it!! Yes! Direct eye contact! With the cute smile to boot!

Ahhh, yes! These are the moments that make the journey to the store completely worth while.


Tune in later, and I may tell you of the escape from the haunted IGA!


Fox4aKnight1 43F

2/12/2006 2:56 pm

*elbows ya in the side* pstt say hi, silly.

*rolling eyes*

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