Nepotism at its finest  

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5/15/2006 9:49 pm

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Nepotism at its finest

Please note that the following blog does not represent the thoughts or opinions of any band, any band member, AdultFriendFinder or Various Inc, for that matter. The following is the rant of Trigger and Trigger only, and all other parties named or not named are not held liable for his opinions and twisted thoughts.

Okay, now that the legal shit is out of the way, let me tell you what happened to me this fucking weekend (I'm pissed, so I'm starting the cussing early on this one).
I was singing at a certain bar this weekend, and I won't say where, or with who, as I do alot of singing around town; Karaoke, open mike, and with bands.

Anywhooo, for the first time in my life I was subsequently banned from a Fayetteville bar. I'm friggin flabbergasted, fuck! (Try saying that with a Daffy Duck impression, it's pretty funny!)

Let me give you the breakdown: the invited one and myself were chlling, sipping beverages and chatting, I'm kinda waiting to sing. We both notice this possibly underage girl who is BEYOND drunk. She's stumbling around, swatting at imaginary flies, and talking to people that aren't there.

We're taking bets on when and where she's going to puke/fall on her ass. This entertainment went on for some time. Lo and behold, a young man comes up and begins to talk to her. "A knight in shining armor?" you may ask? Hell no! "How bout a schmuck in a rediculous hat?" Ahhh. Now you're getting there.

I'm watching the interplay between these two, and from my perspective, as well as others, three things are going on:
a) This girl ain't his sister
b) This girl ain't his wife
c) This girl ain't having shit to do with this dumb ass!

So, the comedy of errors continues. He's grabbing on her, she's shooing him away; he's attempting conversation, she's talking to her girlfriend instead... Lastly, he's GROPING this poor alchohootchie, and she's stumbling away. After that last one, her girlfriend grabbed her and took her outside, apparantly in a last ditch effort to ditch this loser once and for all.

Some people just can't take a hint. Our dear misguided imbibetard followed them outside!!! Hey, Foolio, here's a dollar, buy yourself a clue!

I'm watching with a bit of interest as to what must be so important that he can't let these two sloshy sisters be on their way. It's just more of the same, grabbing, turning, groping, stumbling... I'm tired of this idiot.

I go outside, patiently wait for a couple of ticks, (I don't know, maybe she liked this sort of thing) then I look at Mr. Young,dumb, and full of cum; and I tell him, in a calm, soothing, yet affirmative voice, "Hey, can't you see this girl is really drunk? Why don't you just leave her alone, and let her go home?" This is a direct quote, mind you, I didn't push him, yell at the guy, or threaten him in any way. I just said what needed to be said, and hopefully maintained a little bit of peace in everyone's world.

I looked at him, and it appeared that I got my message through by the acknowledging gaze he gave me... Apparantly not so fucking much.

Around three to five minutes later, the mad hatter returns with an angry finger, pointing away at yours truely. Complete with the look that said "I'd love to fight you, because you ruined my date- scenerio!!!" He walks on by with his taunting digit largely ignored, and actually even laughed at by myself and company. Sorry, but if this numbskull thought that he could one-up me, (Say it with me,) Oh, HELL NO! Anyway, I ignored his sophomoric ass, and continued with my evening, obliviously unaware of what he was about to do. (Because if I had been aware of what he was about to do, I would have had to wipe beer stains off of my pants, from all the rolling around on the floor with hyena-like laughing that I would have done.)

This coward TOLD ON ME!!!!! Turns out his uncle runs the place, and this kid fucking tattled on my ass!!! LOL It's still fucking funny! OMG When was the last time you told on somebody? What, like the third grade?
Holy shit!

So, a couple of minutes go by, as my estimation goes, and his uncle, (who's name I will not say, but it rhymes with bitch) tells me that that was his nephew, and if I say one more word to him, he was GOING TO KICK MY ASS! Please note, he didn't kick me out, he didn't say he'd call the cops, he threatened me with physical violence! To which I said, "Well, why don't you listen to what happened?" and he proceeded to walk away, and I repeated myself "Listen to what he was doing!" and, meathead, I mean, the proprietor said "I don't want to hear it!" Then he lets me walk right the fuck back in! What kind of shithead does that?

Apparantly, whatever his nephew does is perfectly fine by him, including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and date- , not to mention overconsumption of alcholic beverages at a drinking establishment (possibly by minors).


On monday morning, my friend tells me that said proprietor told them that I am no longer allowed in his lame ass dive, I mean, establishment. It seems that cowardice runs in the family, as he couldn't tell me that shit while I was around.

He also told them lies about me, such as: I was hitting on his wife, and I was talking shit about a band that played there.

. First of all, I don't talk shit on bands, if a band sucks ass, I feel there is no need to talk bad about them, as they won't be around long enough for the conversation to matter.

Second, I have an internal gift for spotting wedding rings, and have a strict rule about being anything but cordial to a married woman. As an afterthought, perhaps if this Palooka is so concerned about men hitting on his wife, then maybe bartending is not the best of occupations for her to partake in!

So there ya go, If said proprietor of this fine establishment which I have not named happens to be reading this, I hope you and your wife make lots of money at your classy joint, especially with all the police attention it will soon recieve. I hear that cops are really great in the customer relation department when it comes to establishments such as your own.

And for Mr. hat man, if your testicles have indeed dropped, please feel free to actually use them for a change, and fight your own fucking battles. I'm glad I didn't catch you at the mall with your Mommy, so you could run and tell her, you little prick.

-Go to hell, stupid white people!


JustaSeeker 105F

5/16/2006 9:36 am

Lord. Hope you feel better.

WellhungTrigger 42M
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5/16/2006 5:41 pm

-Justa- LOL I sure do, That kind of thing takes a lot of a guy, you know? Just to get it out there, makes me feel a bit lighter.


WellhungTrigger 42M
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5/23/2006 5:41 pm

-Fly- Thanx, WellHungTrigger-making the world safer, one drunk girl at a time!


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