I'm sleeping around!  

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4/15/2006 11:27 pm

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4/16/2006 9:08 pm

I'm sleeping around!

I admit it, I've been sleeping around lately.

Not like that, gutter-brain!

No, sorry to dissapoint, but I still haven't gotten laid in quite a friggin while!

Nah, the spot where I'm moving into is not ready for me yet, (see previous blog) The new digs so, I've just been crashing around, wherever.

This past Thurs. I crashed at the new digs. But her family came into town for Easter, so I wanted to give them space. I crashed at one of my really good friends' house Fri.

Tonite I'm chillin' at Mom's. I really don't like to get any favors from my family, as they have done so much for me during my fucked up life, I feel guilty for recieving anything from them. But tomorrow is Easter, and we have family shit to do, so fuck it.

And yes, I am delving {moderately} into my step-dad's extensive liqour bar. Hell with it, I installed his Oak floors, he can give up a few shots of Crown Royal.

Don't let me get drunk, my Mom is damn good at smelling alcohol fueled sleepy mornings.

More to come, on the next blog.


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