Haunted IGA cont.  

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2/12/2006 10:29 am

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Haunted IGA cont.

Okay, sorry. for those who just picked up please read The Haunted IGA. BOO! first. That way you will be just as confused as everyone else.

Okay. Where was I? oh yeah.

The entire interior of the building is all dark, lots of browns and blacks. It also seems that all the shelves are created out of old tobacco barn scraps. In addition, there are few, if any, items on the shelves.

I always seem to be pushing around this rusty cart. One of the wheels is apparently missing some bearings, because it lists to the Northeasterly direction, and keeps making that annoying HRRRRNT! noise (how's that for ottamattapia? Don Martin, eat your heart out.)

In this particular episode, I have no idea what I am shopping for. But, I spot some of those el cheapo chocolate wafer type cookies and put them in the cart.

Out of nowhere, this stock clerk yells at me "Hey! put those back!" I'm going, WTF? I just put them in my basket, not down my pants!

Well, I apparently didn't want to give up the cookies, so I grabbed them out of the cart and took off!

That's right, I'm running through the 11 story haunted grocery store with my booty of chocolate wafer cookies being chased by a psychotic stock clerk. That's normal everyday life, right?

Eventually I come across a loading dock door. It's one of the huge twelve foot tall, sliding kind, also apparently built from termite lunch meat. I push it open, just enough to slip through, and shimmy my skinny butt through the opening.

I jump down to the ground and in a panic, look around for a get away vehicle. As I scan the parking lot, I see my high-school buddy's Chevy Blazer.

I run over to the Blazer, and the driver rolls down the window, and it's my good friend Shanna, but it could have been MSKINK or even Caressmewell, I don't know, they're all hottie redheads.

Anyhoo, the redhead opens the window, asks "Need I ride?" and I'm like, "Hell ya!" I jump in the passenger seat and we proceed out of the parking lot.

I hand her the cookies, "Here, I stole you some cookies."
"Oooo, chocolate wafers, my favorite!"

As we're pulling away from the parking lot, I look back to see the psycho stock clerk yelling and pumping his fist. We pull away, and sure enough, the grocery store is about eleven stories tall, made out of grey, brown, termite ridden scrap wood.

Get this, it has the clean, red and white, circular IGA logo at it's very top. Like the all seeing eye of corporate America, staring down at the loathsome cookie shoppers.

Tune in next time when you'll hear about the dream bar that isn't and the $2000 gift card!


caressmewell 53F

2/12/2006 5:00 pm

What do you eat before you go to bed and have these dreams?

WellhungTrigger 42M
282 posts
2/14/2006 7:31 pm

Caress- I thought those mushrooms tasted funny!


Shelly_Marie 43F

2/18/2006 8:18 am

lol yeah those mushrooms'll do it every time... lol...not sure why this dream is recurring, hmmm

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