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10/11/2005 1:12 am

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Gypsy life

I recently found out that my roommate is indeed, hooked on crack..... Yay!!! There is an excuse for the way he behaves!!! Sooooo... I've got to leave the place where I call home. Not to excited about that but EXTREMELY excited about leaving this weird ass situation.

Note: never live with someone who would rather sleep on the couch than in their own bed. Something has got to be wrong withthat dude.

Not like I didn't know something was wrong with this guy:

1) He's LOUD!!!! From slammin the door to the music volume, to just his voice. LOUD!!!!

2)He's always thinking people are out to get over on him. Well, he thinks the entire world is out to get him. That should have been flag no.1 but I ignored it. Like a dumbass...

3)A bit on the bipolar side,

4) paranoid delusions

5) narciscism

Why didn't I see this coming?

It seems like every time I get comfortble in some place some whacked out shit happens and I got to move out... in a hurry. I'm talking' clothes in the bedsheets hurry. It getting to be a real pain in the ass.

I guess the best situation for me is to get my own 1 bedroom apt. again. But that ain't gonna happen any time soon 'cause no way do I have money saved for that crap.

Anyway. Hopefully I'll find a new abode with internet access, so I can keep boring Ya'll with my bullshit.

Love, Peace, Well being,


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