Blogger consumes mass quantities of alchohol, attempts to type!  

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1/15/2006 3:10 am

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Blogger consumes mass quantities of alchohol, attempts to type!

----News Flash----

Fayetteville, NC---
In a feeble attept to make friends and meet possible mating members of the oppistite sex, a not so younger man has made himself reknown on the internet...

"I figuered it couldn't hurt." says the well hung man. "I mean I've gottin laid with great repugnancy in the past, what could go wrong?" He stated with well punctuated arm gestures toward the masses.

It seems that the well endowed and no so much well-to-do semi-young man has had "more than enough" of sexual escapades with the oppisite sex.

But recent times, the handsome, strapping lad, has been quoted on single life as being "a real downer."

Even though several witnesses vouch for the large size and "OOOOOOH WOOOW" factor to the man's sexual prowlece; It seeems that in the past "four or five weeks or so" that this incredible unit of human reproduction has had no kind of sexual relief from other beings, human, animal, or even alien!

Answering the question "What will you do now?" The blue-eyed incredibally handsome and sometime bespectabled man replied "Just jack off, I guess!"

Adding further, "Most girls just want to tease around in this town, just to get your hopes up... They get you drunk and make you buy some waffle house, and then, Bam! You're stuck with a cab ride home!"

Having come from a much sluttier town just one hundred miles to the the south; the incredibally good looking man could not seem to fathom "What does it take to get laid in this damn town?"

Appeals to congress have been made by the well hung man, as well as a call for an eight hundred percent increse in the amout of redheaded Latin females in the military, specifically, in the Army, even more specifically, at Ft. Bragg.

"It's a shame that there aren't enough Latin hotties to go around here in Fayetteville." Quoth the Raven, er, Trigger.


WellhungTrigger 42M
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1/17/2006 9:45 pm

That's actually what I meant... At least I think it was.
I was pretty hammered at the time.

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