Go back to your purpose.  

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8/3/2006 2:34 pm

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Go back to your purpose.

Hmmm... I'm a 48 year old bald guy, started going bald when I was 15, I was a sophomore in high school. Okay, so I may not be hideous... but I'm not some OMG hottie that makes women's teeth sweat, either.
I have no money, I don't own any businesses, I've spent much of my life at poverty level or below.
I don't have a huge dick, and while I'm not bad, I doubt I am the best to be had in texas.
So why the hell am I spending the weekend with *3* of the most beautiful, pervy and insatiable women I've ever met in my life, two of whom are barely half my age, and you aren't gettin laid?

Now to be fair, one of them's just there to take pictures... in addition to being beautiful, pervy and insatiable, she's also one of the most gifted photographers I've ever known. Nonetheless...

The other two beauties, both in their 20s... well, let's see. One of them would be gangfucked as a floor show in a crowded room if she thought she could get away with it. One day she will, no doubt.
The other has spent quite a bit of time telling me how she wishes she could find the man who understands her, who's okay with the fact that *no one man* is ever gonna be enough for her.

Yes, I realize that some of you are probably thinking, "Well of course you're gettin laid this weekend, it's easy to get laid by a couple of skanky lil hoes with no self respect like you have."
Well, it so happens you'd be wrong.
Both of these ladies are *ladies*, make no mistake. They are graceful and gracious, kind and compassionate, intelligent and witty, strong and independent. They KNOW they are each fully capable of making their own way in the world and being successful, they are in the process of doing it even now. They are neither desperate nor needy. They don't have a bunch of emotional baggage that drives men away.

So why aren't *you* with them?

Because in the process of becoming strong and independent, mistresses of their own destinies, these ladies learned something important: They don't HAVE to care what the neighbors think, or what the man they're dating thinks either. They have the intelligence, the skills and the drives to make their world into what *they* want it to be, and one thing they both want is a world where they can have all the hot nasty sex they please, with whoever they want, whenever the mood strikes them.
They don't *have* to put up with the emotional baggage of men who are grossed out or scared away by the thought of them being 'too abnormal' in their drives and desires. They don't *have* to be patient with prudish, possessive, jealous lovers. They are not your property, and they don't have to be to get what they want. And they KNOW it.

You men out there.... you don't seem to realize that the world has changed, it is no longer the one your parents and grandparents grew up in. Women can become CEOs or Secretary of State on their *own* merits, they don't NEED you to support them anymore. Most of the traditional roles of a man in a woman's life have vanished. There is only one truly CORE need of a woman for a man that remains, and I know what it is.


Either of my ladies, whom I love very much, are welcome to get all the hard dick they want, as many at a time as they please. Me, I'm only one guy, and only an average one at that. So why do they want me there? Because when she's flat on her back with 2 or more men in her, she's NOT in a good position for defense. She's NOT in a good position to keep from taking abuse.
But I am. And no matter how distracted I may get, that's something that is ALWAYS in my mind. I can go from sweet and attentive lover to ugly ass vicious attack dog in less than a heartbeat, and will if the situation justifies it. And they know this about me, and love me for it.

Yes, my ladies are sluts. That doesn't imply a *lack* of self-respect, but its presence. They CHOSE that path, and are happy they're walking it. They are fine ladies, each becoming what they most want to be. They appreciate me simply because I cherish that, and will defend their right to their choices with my life.

Yes, men still have a purpose in the modern world. They still have the oldest and highest purpose men have ever had. Our purpose is to love, cherish and defend our ladies, and support them in their desire to build the world they wish to live in.

It's that simple. Strip all the ego away. Let go of "Yeah, but what'll all the guys think of me?" Throw away all the "OMG woman, that's disgusting, I'd NEVER do that."
Women are more courageous than men. You stop and think for a moment, and you'll see it. Admire her for her courage, don't ask it to take a back seat to your cowardice. Certainly don't *demand* that her courage take a back seat to your cowardice, that'll only get you kicked to the curb.

If you're going to get the benefits of being a slut, you have to have the courage to BE a slut. Talk is cheap.

Let all of that go. Remember there is only *ONE* thing that is still essential, as it has been since the dawn of time.

Defend your lady. ALWAYS.

Raveheart2005 49M

8/3/2006 3:09 pm

First off ^5 Bro I couldnt have worded this inspiring pieace any better....Hats off to you and the three and instead of saying much about your pieace here I will say this I am so thankful for the freindships of the three people excluding the photo bug since i dont know her....I also say protect everyone not jus tthe sluts or ladies, but if you cant deal with mental issues of playing and be respectful of other people and thier bodies and properties DONT GO THERE.....

Second, I myself have learned so much this week about people, about how thinks work transitioning fro real ife to online and back to real life...there is NO place in all this any of it for lies, deciet, JELOUSY, COntrolling who others talk to or what they do,everyone is adult over 18 and this isnt about who they are what color they are or HOW BIG A SLUT WE ARE its about the peoples hapiness in thier own choices.....

You want to be set apart and special then set Us apart.. you want to be special and cared for then take that as it comes for however it last but dont be a negative leech and spread rumors, dont cut down people for NOT being what oyu think is "normal" THEY DONT FIT YOUR BOX AND NEVER WILL.....

FUn , hapiness people sharing EROTIC energy and pasison and lust and carnal desire.....thats what some of US are about others will never understand they sit and peek through thier boxes quick to judge US as players and FOols, I can say this no one in this group period would harm anyone nor take a risk of unprotected sex....we think with our BIG head first , make sure you do too if not again DONT GO THERE because Weirdie can be a gaurd dog but He isnt alone I have His back not that he needs it I will nottolerate anyone dis respecting anyone around Me and you ALL know I speak my mind..

Have safe good times this weekend

Peace RAVE

solar_eclipse999 53M

8/3/2006 3:41 pm


Stand up - take a bow; I applaud you.

You have the most powerful aphrodesiac of all. And it comes from the most powerful source of all - the heart:

You are a giant amongst men - most men may not see that for the very reasons you point out above. This is not to say men are wrong. No, just that men are "competitive" fueled by testosterone and don't get the chance to see the world the way you do.

Have fun with your gorgeous women this weekend :- V V V

Weirdie 58M

8/3/2006 5:01 pm

Rave.... yeah, protect everyone is a good way to be. No offense, but I don't make protecting you all that high a priority, I don't ever expect you to *need* it. Got yer back, sure...but I expect by the time I *start* defending you, there'll be nothin left but cleanup.
Sluts, ladies, whoever? I dunno bud, maybe I'm colorblind in that range. I've known more than one slut who was and is a lady, and more than one long-time celibate prude who wasn't and isn't.

Eclipse.... A giant among men? ty sir, but in all honesty, I don't see how. I'm just an average guy, nor have I done anything anyone else can't do.
You are quite right, men are slaves to their blood chemistry every bit as much as a PMSing woman is. But all it takes is a readjustment of priorities. Somewhere along the way I decided that protecting my lady was *ALWAYS* my first priority. And somehwere along the way I decided that INCLUDES protecting her from the ravages of my own testosterone levels.

Oh, and I will have fun with my beauties this weekend, count on it. I will even if I don't get laid. Maybe *that's* the real difference between me and most of the men I know....

collector1961 55F

8/5/2006 6:04 am


This is a WONDERFUL post. A true lady never has problems behaving like a slut in private, and your remark about a prude woman that isn't a lady, profers truth. There is a yiddish word,"Mench," defined as a true and genuine individual; take a look in the mirror you'll find one staring back at you!

Have a splendid weekend!

XJackinyourBoxX 42M

8/7/2006 2:40 pm

This is the first time I've come across your blog, but I'm glad I did. It's obvious that you're an honorable man and I applaud you for the respect you have for these ladies and I'm sure, everyone else that's important to you in your life.
I respect any woman that doesn't deny the very basic desires that make us human. I'm happy that I'm not alone.

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