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Weirdie 58M
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7/30/2006 5:25 pm

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8/27/2007 12:17 pm

Conversation with a friend

Me: Last night I was just mildly an asshole.
Me: People asked how I was doing, I'd answer, "Frustrated, but not too bad I guess."
Me: When they asked why I said, "Cos DFW women are all talk. Lots of smoke, but no fire."
Me: Think I may have pissed a few of them off.
Me: But ya know.... let em be pissed. Maybe they'll quit wanting *all* my attention *all* the time, act like they're ready to go for weeks or months, and have it be nothing but bullshit and lies.
Her: true
Me: I'm okay with days... Hell, I'm okay with weeks....
Me: When it goes over a month of being sweetly put off.... that's not a tease anymore, that's cruelty and lying.
Her: *nods*
Me: I mean.... if yer not interested, say so. Seems obvious enough to me.
Me: And women claim they aren't as stupid as men. Sure.
Her: to be fair...the guys are like that too
Her: I can name a few that have done that to me
Me: Well I'll believe you... but I hadn't had any experience to back up any of that.... seems like it would be *highly* uncommon... generally when a man claims he wants to fuck, he does.... or at least I *thought* so....
Her: yea...I thought so too....but I'm telling you...I can name a few that frequent the room who have done/are doing the same to me
Me: I believe you baby, I do.
Me: But so far as I can tell, there are the 'not interested', and the prick teases... and NOTHING else besides a very few sad female leg humpers. And that's the lot for DFW.
Me: I'm getting to where the 'not interested' are the only ones I wanna talk to, and don't really wanna meet any new ones.
Me: Feel like I have enough friends who aren't interested, and the teases and liars can just fuck off, tyvm.
Her: you know what, darlin?
Me: What's that baby?
Her: from personal experience...I'm gonna tell you (and I know you know this already but...) it's not just DFW, matter where you go, you're gonna find the same thing
Me: Makes me understand why monogamy is so common.

NOTE: If you recognize yourself among the teases and liars referred to, whether male or female, please do *all* of us a favor.


Raveheart2005 49M

7/30/2006 5:49 pm

^5 nailed it never any room for dishonesty or head games, you say your going to do something value your word and do It.... male or female...

texasgrrrl 38F

7/30/2006 9:35 pm

baby...yes this is everywhere but....just sucks that you of all the men are going through this...with your love of women and all their flaws....they too often use you as emotional toilet paper and forget the uberslut side...i love you will get better.......your grrrl

collector1961 55F

7/31/2006 4:15 am

Kudos, and bravo! Nothing is more confusing to me than meeting a man, and have the meeting followed by days of very compelling email messages and im's, only to have him drop off the face of the earth when I suggest intimate together time. What was the point, exactly??? I've come to the conclusion that many these days were either 1) never taught good manners, or 2) were beaten about the head and face in their youth. Nevertheless, I am still convinced that the polite responses are best; affirmative or negative. Incidentally, your friend is right, DFW isn't the only area this occurs...I'm in H-town.

needingitdeep 46F
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7/31/2006 6:30 am

weirdie .. you are not the only one that happens with ... entire reason I let men know upfront that "nothing sexual" is going to happen for quite some time .. granted most get pissed and leave .. but then there are those who just disappear and you never hear from them again .. it leaves you pondering what you did wrong ... if plans are made, they should be kept .. if you agree to something, you need to stand behind your words ... who and what is a person who cannot back up themselves, be honest to themselves, and respect others as well?


Weirdie 58M

7/31/2006 10:06 am

Ladies, my loves.... yeah, I *knew* it couldn't just be me feweling like this, nor can I be the only person who knows what should be done. The attitudes of a stagehand are often a lil outside the norm, but I knew I couldn't be *that* far into the twilight zone.
Myself, I learned it as a child. Somewhere along the way, along with "Don't say yer gonna do something unless yer gonna DO it", I learned, "Don't act like yer seriously considering something unless you ARE serious".
I have to admit, I was actually wondering about this one. I'm not sure I ever *had* to be taught that a game, a fantasy that won't come true, can only be carried so far beofre it becomes a lie and a cruelty to those it is enacted upon.
I don't understand it ladies... we *can't* be the only intelligent people in the country, can we?

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