interesting side effects  

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12/26/2005 11:18 am

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4/1/2006 5:49 pm

interesting side effects

I spent a lot of time on line yesterday, setting up our account, filling out all the questions, checking out the areas, and trying to get the web cams to work in chat and IM. Needless to say the overload of sexual stimulation and the great sex pictures I reviewed had quite the effect. I must admit that when I snuggled into bed at 4am this morning I had one thing one my mind, and my poor sleeping hubby had no idea he was about to be attacked... (wicked smile)

I quietly slid under the covers and with no for warning started, licking, and nibbling his body from shoulder to knee. In his sleep he started to respond to my touch and with in a very short time was rock hard. It wasn't difficult to encourage him on to his back so that I could climb a broad and ride...

hmmmm gotta love it

2GreenMnMs 42M/37F

1/5/2006 3:45 pm

You better believe it was a love it moment! We had visions just reading it! M&M

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