The return of my.....  

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7/16/2006 2:54 pm

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The return of my.....

The return of my lovely Cass means that I was hip deep in pussy again last night. Was not what you would call "Wild Passionate Love Making" more like a little "Snuggling booty". We went to bad around 2300 and Cass was asleep just about as fast as her head hit the pillow. I carresesd and rubbed hr back for a while and she slowly woke back up. We both do not sleep worth a crap apart so neither of us have slept well for more then a week. So after she started to wake up we both did a little cuddling and touchy feely she was a little more tired than she thought and we feel asleep cuddling. About 0200 I woke to find that we were both but ass naked as the temp in the room was very warm thanks to this Colo weather we are having. The first thought in my mind was how Beautiful Cass looked so I soon had a hard on that I rubbed along her open slit till I felt her warm passion begin to flow slowly out of her wet pussy. We fucked for a while then fell into a deep sleep with me deep inside her which was nice to wake up to at about 0600 to finish what we started earlier and to enjoy it. When we were done we put on as little as we had to and went back to sleep only to be woke up by our 14 you being upset by a rash but a nice night all the same.

SirMounts 102M

7/16/2006 8:15 pm

It's good to hear, that you both are so close.
Welcome to blogging, WeAreLostSoFar.

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