Started with a nice........  

WeAreLostSoFar 51M/47F  
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8/17/2006 1:11 pm
Started with a nice........

Last night started with Cass saying her back was a little sore so I gave her a gentle rub. She began to relax and was soon moaning pretty good as the rub relaxed her to a more than happy state. She likes when it starts with a nice back rub and will start to cum if it goes on the way she likes it. After I rubbed her back for a while I worked my way down to her butt and her inner thighs which she really likes. When I finally brushed across her moist pussy she was on fire and very wet. She pushed against my hand and made sure that I knew what she wanted. We cuddled and had a lot of warm body contact that was very nice something that I love to do with women in genral. After that we made love for a while and she relaxed even more finally letting go completely. We went to sleep with me still in her after cumming and she was cuddled tightly up against me.

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