M&G was a hell of.......  

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8/21/2006 1:59 pm
M&G was a hell of.......

M&G was a hell of a lot of fun as we went to 2 of them on Sat the 18th. Was the wifes first time in PT's or anyother club so that was a lot of fun as well. We started out taking a shower which after the kids left for the friends house turned into a little sexual fun. It took some time but I talked her into having sex in the shower she wanting to get out to find clothes. But after I ran my hands over her body softly for a while she was more then ready to have a little fun. We finished up in the shower she got dressed and we headed off for PT's. We sat across the street for a while as Cass got her nerve up to go in. We went in and spent an hour watching the regular dance floor as well as some of the club dancers. The couple we went there to see came in and we talked to them for a bit. I told Cass that I was bored so we went and she watched a table dance and got excited and enjoyed it. We then decided that we would go over to Catamarans for the rest of the night. There we had a very good time as Cass loosened up and we had a lot of fun. Cass was having fun watching a great lady have fun on the pole there as well as talking to her. Then another not a member of AdultFriendFinder walked by and slapped her ass saying she was hot. So Cass found me and we went and watched her pole dance as well as give Cass a hickee. Then what appeared to be her girl friend came in and they danced together for a while but I could not get Cass to join them. The ride home I rubbed her very wet pussy and we talked about the night. When we got home she about me as we got to the bedroom. After a short hard ride we settled down and made love slowly the 2nd time as weh talked about each of the women for the night. WoW

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