Last night was  

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7/15/2006 12:20 pm
Last night was

Last night was a long night Cass was out of town and I could not sleep. I was here on AdultFriendFinder and met a couple that was very intresting to me and talked for a bit. They were going to upload something then I never heard from them again. I was myself and she slowly warmed to me and asked me to talk like a perv. I am not a perv on the norm unless asked to do so. Normally I am the type that is very respectful and not one to say anything rude or abonoxious. I will talk in any manner that you want me too but not one to initiate the rudeness I am not looking to offend anyone for any reason. I am not sure what happened to them but they signed off for a minute and never came back. I so wanted to see her in her "I Dream of Jenie" Outfit that she said she had on it sounded HAWT and after seeing her BOD she had to look Drop Dead Gorgeous in it. Hope that I run into them again w/Cass with me so that it is more enjoyable to me casue she makes it better. heehee

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